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The 784bhp Porsche 918 Spyder will cost from £625,400, while lightweight Weissach package-equipped cars will sell for a £58,000 premium

The Porsche 918 Spyder will produce more than 784bhp and cost from £625,400, according to internet reports.

A document detailing key technical information was published on the Rennsport forum, but a Porsche GB spokesman was unable to comment on the authenticity of the documents. However, they confirmed some information has already been supplied to customers, which could have been the source of the leak.

The latest document follows a copy of the 918 Spyder's sales brochure, which found its way onto the web last month.

Porsche had previously confirmed the 918 would feature a 4.6-litre V8 engine, but the report suggests it will develop 572bhp at 9000rpm and more than 370lb ft of torque. Combined power is said to be 784bhp, not the 762bhp which had been thought, while torque is rated at 569lb ft between 1000 and 4000rpm. The engine is Euro 5-compliant.

The 918 Spyder will feature two electric motors, producing 241bhp. The rear motor assists the engine and provides 127bhp, while the front motor sends 114bhp to the front wheels. 

Power will be distributed via a seven-speed PDK gearbox, while Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus and Electric Porsche Traction Management and a ‘sail mode’, which decouples the engine and transmission, will be fitted.

A quick charger will be offered as a £16,500 option which reduces the charging time to 30mins.

The report also gives the first details on the Weissach package, which reduces the standard car by 35kg. It was a car of this specification which lapped the Nürburgring in 7m 14s, two seconds faster than the standard car, last month.

Weissach-equipped cars are said to cost £58,200 more than the standard car. The premium pays for “extended use” of magnesium, titanium and ceramic parts and lighter wheels which save 13.5kg. The car does without wiring for the external quick-charging system, air-conditioning, audio system, leather seats, glovebox and carpets.

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Leslie Brook 24 October 2012


I wonder how quick it would be with just the 572bhp V8 driving the rear wheels and minus the weight of the 2 electric motors, batteries and associated gubbins.

Lanehogger 24 October 2012

Not exactly underpowered, but......

I know it seems churlish to call a road car with 784bhp underpowered but the 918, along with the Huarya, not to mention the Aventador, do seem to be outgunned by the forthcoming rivals from Ferrari and McLaren, so straight line acceleration may not be in the same league. But then Porsche does have this amazing ability to make its cars go round corners and around a track as quick, if not quicker, than more powerful rivals, and normally with a better drive to boot too.