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Tuner 9ff to build convertioble version of its 9ff GT9R

German tuner 9ff is proposing to build a speedster version of it extreme 1120bhp 9ff GT9R.

Although details are slight, an artist's rendering of the car was displayed on 9ff's new dedicated website for the United Arab Emirates. Underneath the image, it said: 'Fastest Car in the World - 257 MPH - Now available as Coupe or Convertible'.

See the 9ff GT9R convertible artist's rendering and full coupe picture gallery

The convertible version of the car is expected to be based on the coupe model, which is sold by 9ff as 'the world's fastest street-legal car'. Performance figures of 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds and a 257mph top speed are claimed.

Power comes from a tuned version of Porsche's 4.0-litre flat six, which is mid-mounted and mated to twin-turbos to produce 1120bhp and 774lb ft of torque.

The coupe weighs 1326kg, which will increase with the weight of a folding roof mechanism and the additional body strengthening required.

Just 20 versions of the coupe are slated to be built and prices are not known. However, the convertible version is likely to be just as exclusive, with speculation suggesting it will be sold in the Middle East only.

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Nikonguy 31 August 2009

Re: Open Porsche GT9R has 1120bhp

It looks a real mean machine, a track car built for the road. I'd love to see it in a side by side with the Veyron and Koenigsegg CCXR. Come on Autocar, indulge us

Peter Cavellini 29 August 2009

Re: Open Porsche GT9R has 1120bhp

Could be Teg-type -R , but if i had the cash,i'd have someone to go for the messages, such things would beneath my station, no i'd be out at a racing circuit honing my driving skills from my new best friend Michael (Schumacher)!, some dream, ah well , back too the coalface with my keyboard.

TegTypeR 28 August 2009

Re: Open Porsche GT9R has 1120bhp

Peter, have you been in to some of the more affluent areas recently? When even my mum says Bentleys are becoming common, I wouldn't put it past someone to use one for the Tesco's run!