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Zagato Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa built by marque collector

This is the Zagato Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa, which has been unveiled at the Villa D'Este concours.

The car, designed by Italian coach builder Zagato, is powered by the Alfa 8C Competizione's V8 and designed as a homage to the 1960's TZ1 and TZ2 racers.

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The car is built around a spacefarme and carbonfibre chassis, using aluminium bodywork.

The TZ3 was commissioned by German collector Martin Kapp as a special celebration of 100 years of racing from Scuderia Ferrari, Alfa Corse, Autodelta, and Scuderia Zagato.

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Bogwoppit 27 April 2010

Re: One-off Alfa Zagato revealed

Owes nothing to anything save the TZ1 and TZ2. As far as I remember the TZ1 had more of a tapered tail and then a German aerodynamacist - a Dr Kamm proved that a sharply truncated tail was pretty damned good at dealing with airflow. Not only did it influence Alfas race cars of the time - TZ1 & then the 2 - before they got the shove for the GTA but also the Spider which went from a boat to a kamm tail.

This moves nothing on styling wise, but I certainly wouldn't say no. Stick a MultiAir V6 in and market it in the same vein as a Z3M please.

Giulietta SZ 27 April 2010

Re: One-off Alfa Zagato revealed

gtv6 wrote:
I assume that those of you who compare it to this and that, have not seen the TZ1 O TZ2 of the 60's!


Handsome_Tom 27 April 2010

Re: One-off Alfa Zagato revealed

nick80 wrote:
Why do all Zagato's look the same from the the back?

I know what you mean; there's a lot of DB7Z there. That said, this is the first recent Zagato I've seen to do without the coachbuilder's trademark/done-to-death double-bubble roof.