Iconic London black cabs set to be replaced with Nissan NV200 van-based taxi cab
Jim Holder
30 April 2013

Nissan will unveil its final design for a new London taxi in the next month, with the firm's executive vice president Andy Palmer confirming he signed off the final production model this week.

The car will sit in the same platform as the New York taxi developed by Nissan, but has been substantially restyled to retain the hallmarks of the classic black cab. The design work has also been conducted with substantial input from current drivers.

It will initially be sold with a 1.5-litre diesel engine, but longer term Palmer hopes the fast-charging infrastructure in London will evolve to make electric versions of the car viable.

"Running costs for an electric vehicle are about a tenth of a diesel, so the business case is there, so long as charging times can be reduced," said Palmer.

Palmer conceeded the project is unlikely to make Nissan much profit, with just 20,000 London taxis in operation at the moment. However, in time he sees the project as invaluable for promoting electric cars.

"The best way to answer concerns about electric cars is to get people into them," said Palmer. "If you think of the millions who ride in black cabs each day, then you get a feel for what these vehicles could achieve in terms of changing perceptions."

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30 April 2013

First New York's yellow cabs, and now London's black ones. Not much can stand in the way of progress it seems. The article didn't make it clear whether the new cabs will be capable of travelling south of the river after midnight, though. An oversight there, I feel.

30 April 2013

Does it catch fire just like the old Manganese Bronze cab did in my road this morning? Cab garage down the road by Bethnal Green Station is full of burnt out wrecks!

30 April 2013

Saw this Taxi yesterday in the car park at the Nissan Design centre in Paddington.  Was next to a Leaf and an imported Elgrand.  Looks nice in real life.

30 April 2013

Glad to hear from someone who's seen it that NV 200 looks nice in metal. However I too am sad to see the iconic black cab reach the end of line.

Prospects of electric London cabs are promising though. Given Nissan's unmatched prowess in this area the future may be here sooner than later.

30 April 2013

The writing has been on the wall for the London Taxi Company for a couple of years. No money to invest in new tech and an expensive car to buy and run.

I'm sad to see them go because the taxi's are built about 10 minutes drive from my home but you have to move with the times. 

30 April 2013

Theyre going to restyle it ? ! Are you sure Autocar ? I really dont think they will, too high a cost for too small an amount they will sell. Sure they may add little things like the trad "for hire" sign on the top, but its gonna look like an NV200 taxi. Not saying thats a bad thing, its just NOT going to look anything like the classic black cab.

XXXX just went POP.


1 May 2013

Nasty looking thing, but at least black paint will disguise some of its ungainly touches, unlike NY's yellow version.

14 May 2013

If Nissan pull there finger out and get this passed and on sale they will make a killing as long as it retails at a sensible price.my cab is an R reg tx1 which has to come off the road this year.many of my friends are in the same position and would jump at this cab.yes it's a shame the traditional London cab is to expensive unreliable and a fortune to run I would never buy a Tx again and as for the merc ! 42 k in this climate, no chance So come on nissan get this cab out at  a reasonable price.ps. Please don't sell this cab through any exsisting taxi network

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