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The Nissan Juke-R extreme crossover concept has been put through its paces at MIRA this week

The race-bred Nissan Juke-R concept has begun testing. Earlier this week Nissan took the Juke-R to the MIRA proving ground to check that all the car’s systems were functioning properly.

The 480bhp machine, which mates the running gear from a GT-R with the bodyshell from a Juke crossover, will now start performance development at Silverstone.

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According to Nissan, initial trials have been positive, with the Juke-R sounding and performing like very much like its GT-R cousin, with which is shares a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 engine, 4WD driveline and six-speed transaxle.

Two examples of the Juke-R, which is the work of Nissan and race preparation outfit RML, will be produced – one each in right and left-hand drive. The interior is fitted with gauges, dials and the LCD screen from the GT-R. Although the car is road legal, it features competition-spec technology such as twin race seats, five-point harnesses and a rollcage.

Nissan still insists the Juke-R is not for production, but the firm does admit that it will use the concept to ‘test the public’s reaction to a seriously sporty Juke’.

Philip Shoulder

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