Hottest GT-R yet leaks onto web
2 December 2008

Details of the hardcore Nissan GT-R V-Spec have leaked onto the web, revealing a lighter but no more powerful version of the Japanese supercar.

The 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 has been tweaked to offer a mid-range overboost function but peak power remains the same at 473bhp, according to the Japanese document.

Instead, changes include more extensive use of carbonfibre to save weight. The grille and rear wing are made of carbonfibre as are the front seats and rear shelf. The new wheels are 20-inch units made from aluminium.

The V Spec gets carbonfibre brakes and – crucially - upgraded Bilstein Damptronic suspension that Nissan says offers superior performance to the Nismo ClubSport package.

The upshot of the upgrades is a car that can lap a track – specifically the Sendai Highland Raceway in Japan – two seconds faster than the standard GT-R.

Will Powell

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Nissan GT-R

The Nissan GT-R is not a cheap car, but it’s better value for money than cars that are seemingly as fast

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2 December 2008

A bit surprised that Nissan haven't opted to give it a few more bhp, even though the figures for the standard GT-R are apparently a bit pessimistic. It'll be interesting to find out how much they've been able to reduce it's weight, too.

I wonder how fast Porsche think it will lap the Nurburgring?

2 December 2008

The GT-R V will be slower, brake further, uglier and more expensive than a Corvette ZR1.

Please Nissan, let's see some validated Nurburgring lap times, unlike the last time there with a GT.

3 December 2008

[quote jskater]A bit surprised that Nissan haven't opted to give it a few more bhp[/quote]

Or to put it another way, Nissan are persisting with the fiction that it only has 473 bhp ...

3 December 2008

The fact is that 'validating' the Ring lap times is meaningless. How can an independent validator with a stopwatch know if Porsche/Nissan/Corvette has a tweaked engine ECU, special brake pads, suspension tuning etc etc to shave a few seconds from the laptime? They can't, so this debate will always rage in one form or another...

I'm sure Nissan is delighted that Porsche put the GT-R back into the headlines when they stirred up the laptimes story again. It all served to highlight that the GT-R offers outrageous performance at the kind of price that might have car enthusiasts crossing Porsche 911 Turbo off their shopping list and replacing it with the GT-R.

There's a thought - GT-R is the perfect credit crunch car...

3 December 2008

There's an interesting article on DR about the GTR and GT2 at the 'ring - trying to see which is faster. On a drying track, the GT2 was faster overall - by about 6 seconds I think.

The conclusion was - the GT-R is a phenomenal achievement, but the extra power and lighter wieght of the GT2 simply make it faster.

3 December 2008

[quote Colonel Snappy]Or to put it another way, Nissan are persisting with the fiction that it only has 473 bhp ...[/quote]

They've missed a trick here as they could have thought of another ficticious number and won greater bar room bragging rights and a few more sales.


3 December 2008

Who really gives a toss what the output and Nurburgring figure are?

At the end of the day its all about the driving.



It's all about the twisties........

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