Latest official images of the new supermini, including interior pics
22 June 2010

Suzuki has released new pictures of its forthcoming Swift supermini, including the first shots of its interior.

While the exterior changes are minimal, the interior gets some styling cues from the larger Kizashi saloon, particularly in its centre console. There is also new LCD displays, new switchgear and metallic accents.

See the latest Suzuki Swift pics, including interior shots

A Suzuki source has also confirmed to Autocar there will again be a Sport version of the Swift, and it’s likely to retain the current car’s 1.6-litre engine.

The Swift’s all-new platform increases the wheelbase by 50mm and the overall length by 90mm. The body is also lighter and stiffer, and the front and rear tracks are 10mm and 5mm wider respectively. Suzuki claims the Swift, its best-selling model, is much improved dynamically as a result.

The launch engine will be a new 1.2-litre petrol engine to replace the outgoing 1.3-litre unit. The Dual VVT unit produces 92bhp and 87lb ft, both figures slightly improved over the 1.3 unit. A manual gearbox will be standard and an automatic optional.

However, the real gains have been in improving fuel economy and cutting CO2 emissions. Economy is now 56.5mpg, 7.8mpg more than the 1.3, and emissions are 116g/km, 24g/km lower than the outgoing car.

A reworked 1.3-litre diesel capable of 109g/km and 67.3mpg (119g/km and 62.8mpg in the old Swift) will be available from early 2011.

Full UK pricing and specification will be announced later in the summer, but the Swift is likely to cost from around £11,000 when it reaches showrooms in the autumn.

Our Verdict

Suzuki Swift 2010-2013

The Suzuki Swift is better than ever - but is that good enough, when the crowded supermini segment is filled with excellent alternatives?

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22 June 2010

I know this looks very similar to the outgoing model, but I like it. I'm looking forward to the 3 door model.

The rear end reminds me very much of the previous model megane, but I liked that too....

22 June 2010

I like it, but I can't help feeling that it's not as good looking as the current model (pre 2010 facelift).

22 June 2010

The 1.6 sport should be good value, and a bit more nippy if its lighter than the old model.

22 June 2010

I agree with Theonlydt that the pre facelift model looks better.this model looks out of proportion and awkward from some angles.the interior has lost the simplicity of the previous car too.a shame really.

22 June 2010

I liked the old one, think this looks too much like a mixture of alot of other cars.

23 June 2010

To me the rear three-quarter looks very similar to the Fabia, although overall this model appears much less bloated looking than the Skoda. The new Swift looks far more dynamic and cohesive in overall design compared to the Skoda. Sounds a tempting base-model supermini, with a good spec on the 1.2 petrol output (both environmentally and power-wise) and keen pricing. Other manufacturers appear to be going down light turbo-charging to get similar power outputs (VW group, Renault), which could lead to higher maintenance costs several years down the line. This is also one of the first 90+ bhp petrol superminis that I've seen to get below the magic 120g/km CO2 level. Look forward to the first drive/road test of this model...

23 June 2010

120g/km 90bhp+ petrols?

the micra will be.

the vag 1.2 tsi 105bhp in the A1 should be.

i think the first to do it was the 97bhp toyota IQ.

23 June 2010

[quote beachland2]the vag 1.2 tsi 105bhp in the A1 should be.[/quote] Currently not in the Polo or Fabia, and only in the Ibiza with "ecomotive tech". With the Fabia at 121 and 124g of CO2 depending on power output the cynic in me says that if it were under 120g then the standard diesel wouldn't sell at all, as that £90 a year in tax goes a long way to clawing back the extra outlay on the diesel. I'd pay for a stop/start system 105tsi Fabia with a 6 speed gearbox (though they don't sell skoda over here...) to get it under the 120, if not even lower.

24 June 2010

[quote beachland2]i think the first to do it was the 97bhp toyota IQ.[/quote]

Sorry, but I was referring to petrol superminis with low CO2 emissions. Whilst the smallest of cars (mainly city cars, such as Pandas, C1s, IQs, etc) over the last few years have been able to achieve sub 120g/km, superminis have mainly relied on small turbo-diesels to meet the sub 120g/km rating (as mentioned by theonlydt in his post), ableit with significantly higher purchase price.

The only supermini I can think of which currently achieves this with petrol power and over 90 bhp is the 1.33 Yaris, although I always think of this car as being between classes (a little too big for a city car, but at under 3800mm not nearly as long as, say, a default supermini, such as a Fiesta, etc, which is around 4000mm).

The Swift, with its cleaner and more powerful replacement petrol engine, appears to be a move in the right direction. With the recent focus by several manufacturers (Renault, Peugeot) to reduce weight in their newer models, and with eco-driving systems (such as the stop-start system on the 1.33 Yaris) becoming more frequently available as standard, rather than only only on expensive "eco" models (usually diesel), hopefully this will mean that cheaper entry-level petrols will become more of an option for economy-minded buyers seeking a supermini.

26 June 2010

[quote Autocar]Suzuki has released new pictures of its forthcoming Swift supermini, including the first shots of its interior.

I quite like the old Swift, I drove a 1.5GLX not long after it was introduced, but the emissions put me off, because I refuse to pay over the odds for my MVL. At the moment, I look for sub-120g/km cars only, and the fact that I have a Suzuki dealer only seven miles away is a tremendous incentive. When the 3 door model appears, I'll give it serious thought, because it seems to be quite good value and the dealer has a good reputation, which is an added bonus.


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