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Latest spy pics of the all-new Cayman in action at the Nurburgring

These are the best spy pics yet of Porsche's second-generation Cayman in action.

Spied in high-speed testing at the Nurburgring ahead of its 2012 launch, Porsche's small sports car will receive lightly reworked versions of today’s 2.9 and 3.4 six-cylinder engines, delivering around 280bhp (in the 2.9) and 330bhp (3.4).

See spy pics of the all-new Porsche Cayman in action

Other changes from the first-gen to second-gen Cayman include a new electro-mechanical steering system and a stop-start system to help boost the Cayman's economy and reduce CO2 emissions.

Longer term, Porsche plans to give the Cayman a new turbo 2.0 flat four being developed for its 2014 mid-engined sub-Boxster roadster.

The next-gen Cayman will be launched alongside the third-generation Boxster, which is also at the Nurburgring for high-speed testing. Every panel in the new Cayman and Boxster models will be new, as will the Boxster's fabric roof. The new panels will be lighter, too, to keep weight to a minimum.

See spy pics of the new Porsche Boxster in winter testing

The wheelbase and overall length of both cars will both grow, the length to nearly 4.4 metres, providing more passenger and luggage space. These changes will also help create space in the Porsche range for the smaller roadster.

The timing of the arrival of the new models coincides with the end of Porsche’s contract with Valmet Automotive in Finland, where the current Boxster and Cayman are made. Production of the next-gen cars will switch to Stuttgart.

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