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All-new Mk4 to launch in 2017, but Ford will adopt the approach VW has to the Golf and not radically change the Focus's styling for “quite some time”
Richard Bremner Autocar
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13 March 2014

The next-generation Mk4 Ford Focus is likely to retain the fastback silhouette of today's car as Ford decides what direction to take its best-selling model in.

The firm's global product development boss Rak Nair says the design direction of the next-generation Focus, which will launch in 2017, is still under discussion. However, Nair said at the launch of the heavily revised current Focus at the Geneva show last week that the “sleek look of a coupé” presented by today’s model will be seen “for quite some time”.

Nair acknowledged that the Focus’s success - it’s currently the best-selling car on the planet - might lead Ford to reconsider its usual policy of refreshing a long-established model with a significantly altered look.

Instead of decisively breaking from the past, as today’s Fiesta did compared with its predecessor, the fourth-generation Focus could follow an evolutionary path, in a way similar to that adopted by Volkswagen for the development of the Golf.

Nair believes that design is still crucial. “Owners talk about rational reasons for purchase, but a fair percentage buy for emotional reasons like styling,” he said. He also believes that the grille design seen on the new Focus is now “taking root”. 

Ford is also planning to refresh its Focus line-up with a new diesel version of the Focus ST.


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erly5 14 March 2014


Is this a non-story or what? Although I must take exception to the comment "usual policy of refreshing a long-established model with a significantly altered look". This should read "usual policy of refreshing a radical game-changing design after only 1 model with a watered down designed-by-committee look". Witness the Sierra, original Focus and Ka!
Ollieo 14 March 2014

That back and forth amused

That back and forth amused me... :-P

Back on topic, this quote raised an eyebrow: "...the “sleek look of a coupé” presented by today’s model will be seen “for quite some time”. Really? I've always found the Focus to be one of the more bloated looking hatchbacks on the road and every time I really look at one I can't help but feel it would look better if they'd toned down some of the design flourishes (rear headlights a casing point). That said, I've never been a fan of this design language, so I'm probably biased. FYI, whilst I can see Leon DNA in the new model, it is quite a different machine to its predecessor

xxxx 13 March 2014

lack of 3mocion

Don't remember mentioning size. Do you think this will help them get a model in the UK 2014 top 20 car sales chart, they didn't have one in 2013

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