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Facelifted X5 to be unveiled at Geneva 2010

The facelifted BMW X5 is almost production-ready and will be launched at the Geneva motor show.

The mid-life refresh will include engine tweaks that are likely to improve economy and driveability, with a mildly refreshed exterior.

See the BMW X5 spy pictures

Minimal camouflage covers a restyled front bumper, which is virtually identical to the one seen on the X6, and marginally sleeker front lights.

The aim is to soften the X5 and make it appear lighter and less aggressive. BMW is aware that big SUVs are perhaps less socially acceptable than they once were, responding in part with the 5-series GT.

The rear lenses will be restyled to match the latest BMW range and the bumper will be smoothed.

Expect a next-generation iDrive system inside and a larger LCD display screen from the 5-series GT.

Following the Geneva launch the facelifted X5 will go on sale in the UK next summer.

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moe360 17 November 2009

Re: Next BMW X5 spied

barney1 wrote:

I am just wondering where time has gone, it feels like the current X5 was launched only last month !!?

Tell me about it I know how you feel I remember when the first X5 came out was such a big thing and everyone wanted one, this second one just seems to have gone very quiet and dont see that many around, seems like BMW models have now turned grey

barney1 17 November 2009

Re: Next BMW X5 spied

I am just wondering where time has gone, it feels like the current X5 was launched only last month !!?

Giom37 17 November 2009

Re: Next BMW X5 spied

AwakeSpectator wrote:

Since the first, and the very successful, release of the X5, the design of the vehicle has gone no where else but downhill. One of the most appalling design elements to have appeared on this particular vehicle since its first incarnation would have to be the cut, or the depression, in the middle of the front bumper, which I attribute to the gentle shoulder massage given to Chancellor Angela Merkel by George W. Bush. I am not aware of how political gestures are interpreted by auto manufacturers, but in this case, it resulted in the introduction of a design element which was already being used by Jeep on its models. Whereas in case of Jeep's vehicles it has become ever more subtle with time, not only are there no signs of recovering from this particular design calamity in case of BMW, in their case, it seems more like as if at some point during the assembly process somebody forgot to put an essential element in place leaving a gaping hole instead. When are people at BMW either going to come up with the missing element or make that missing part an essential element of the over all design is something I am waiting with eagerness.

Another design change which I have been hoping for quite some time now from people at BMW when it comes to their SUVs is the decision to stop putting circular objects, which would be the wheels, in squarish coverings, which would be the wheel arches. Have they been testing brand loyalty over the last decade, or whether the rich person even bothers to take a closer look at an established brand or not?

And here am I, worried about the warming up of the planet... polar bears in danger of dying out completely... weather patterns changing so fast, it's hard to keep up...

Well, I hope you get your problems sorted out!