Still based on the Golf platform, the Jetta sits on a wheelbase stretched by 70mm

Volkswagen has re-engineered its VW Jetta small saloon with so many changes that the company claims it now warrants status as a standalone model like the CC and Tiguan.

Still based on the Golf platform, the Jetta sits on a wheelbase stretched by 70mm and is clothed in crisp new sheetmetal inspired by the NCC concept revealed at Detroit in January.

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"The new Jetta will no longer share any body components with the Golf. It will be a vehicle type that is just as independent as a CC or Tiguan," says VW.

The Jetta is 90mm longer than before, at 4644mm. Its stretch will suit the US market - where the Jetta is the biggest-selling European model - and will help VW in its bid to triple US sales to 800,000 by 2018.

UK buyers will benefit, too, although the extra space, style and interior comfort is tipped to add around £500 to the Jetta's list price, which currently starts around £17,000.

The interior has its own high-quality identity, distinct from a Golf's, and features the latest touchscreen sat-nav.

Engines mirrors today's line-up, plus a new entry-level 108bhp 1.2 soft-turbo TSI.

VW will show the new Jetta at the Paris show and UK sales will start next March.

Julian Rendell

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tannedbaldhead 16 June 2010

Re: New VW Jetta launched

Straight Six Man wrote:

tannedbaldhead wrote:

nicksheele wrote:
whereas the US will get a brand new mid-size sedan built in Chattanooga from 2011 onwards

They should call it the "Choo Choo".

Bugger! Beat me to it!

If you're not fast you're last old chap :-)

G Harvey 16 June 2010

Re: New VW Jetta launched

Nice try VW, unfortunately not quite as Audi A4-esque as I'd hoped or imagined after seeing the artist renderings on the VW Vortex site.

I'm sure it will be just as competent as any other VW, however the main failing of previous cars of this ilk still remains; unglamorous and (to my eyes) too upright and a little oddly proportioned. The rear overhang just looks too long!

Maybe the european version will look slightly more interesting but I wont get my hopes up. On this evidence I can't think of any reason to buy this over a Skoda Octavia except possibly the badge. Interior is also slightly more upmarket, but then again so is the price...

Lee23404 16 June 2010

Re: New VW Jetta launched

mantaray wrote:

Just another dull VW......Nothing inspiring or original. Will sell very well purely on the merits of that little badge on the nose to dull, uninspiring and unoriginal people who feel the need to be "one up" on their neighbours......

Yawn, zzzzzz.