Currently reading: New Suzuki eVX concept previews 342-mile electric crossover
EV crossover is slightly larger than the Vitara and is slated for a mid-decade launch

Suzuki has presented its maiden electric car, the eVX concept, at the Tokyo motor show.

An S-Cross-sized crossover aiming to “carry forward the brand’s 4x4 legacy”, the car was first revealed at Auto Expo 2023 in Delhi, India, earlier this year. 

It features a 60kWh battery, allowing it to drive 550km (342 miles) between recharges, according to the Indian MIDC test cycle. Few details have been officially confirmed, Its high ground clearance and 4x4 billing hint at it majoring on off-road capability.

Company president Toshihiro Suzuki told reporters at the show that it is learning more about electric cars from strategic partner Toyota, which last year launched its first EV, the bZ4X crossover.

The bZ4X – offered in two- and four-wheel-drive variants – is twinned with the Subaru Solterra, which offers impressive off-road performance. That’s helped by a ‘Grip Control’ low-speed cruise control system that can do all the hard work for the driver when the going gets mucky.

Toyota evx rear three quarter

However, Suzuki’s budget-friendly positioning means that a single-motor, two-wheel-drive powertrain is expected to feature in the bulk of the model’s variants. It is likely to be priced at around £30,000 to compete with the next-generation Citroën C3 and the MG ZS EV.

The production eVX – slated for launch by 2025 – is likely to use a two-speed gearbox made by Canadian firm Inmotive, with which Suzuki yesterday announced a joint-development agreement. The two companies will work to develop the ‘Ingear’ transmission, claimed to be the world’s most efficient two-speed gearbox, capable of improving acceleration and range by up to 15%.

Toshihiro Suzuki said: “I am delighted to unveil the eVX, our first global strategic EV. At the Suzuki Group, addressing global warming is a priority. We are promoting a range of global measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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“Suzuki will continue providing valuable products to our customers around the world by optimising them for the way different people live and drive.”

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Onlineo 11 January 2023
60kwh battery pack with that clearance and body, you are looking at 160 mile real world range at 70mph! Less than half the claimed range!
xxxx 25 October 2023

Really, good luck averaging 70mph for 2 hours and 15 minutes with the levels of traffic in the UK.  Plus, Suzuki Vitaras, it's current equivant, is not really intented as motorway muncher.

gavsmit 11 January 2023

Are good car designers hard to find, or do people get employed as car designers through nepotism or other reasons rather than talent?

Not only ugly, but impractical - must be like driving a post box with those tiny windows.

HunterRayne 11 January 2023

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