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See and hear the next gen car on video

The new Porsche Boxster has been spied testing again - and now we've caught it on video too.

See the Porsche Boxster on video

The latest pictures reveal more details of the car, including some of the aerodynamic sculpting that is being used to make it the cleanest, most economical Porsche available when it goes on sale in late 2010 or early 2011.

See the Porsche Boxster spy picture gallery

In particular, the right-hand door is sporting a fin, which is being used to channel more air towards the side-mounted intakes.

Further economy gains are expected to be made from the use of lighter weight materials - every panel is said to be new - and revised engines. Reports suggest that a 200bhp, sub 200g/km of Co2 four-cylinder engine could be available on a new entry-level model.

The photographers are also reporting that the car is slightly longer and wider than the current model. The increased size should help high-speed stability, as well as giving occupants more room.

In addition, the increased dimensions have fuelled speculation that the company is looking to fit a new, even smaller model into the Porsche range at a later date, possibly based on the VW BlueSport concept.

Pedestrian crash protection regulations will also have a bearing on the car's design, with the front end being tweaked as a result.

The new Porsche Boxster is expected to be officially unveiled next spring, at the Geneva motor show.

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kdwilcox 1 September 2009

Re: New Porsche Boxster spied


Porsche,have gone from strength to strength,how do you work that out!!.

We have had another update of the 911,is this number 25/35 or 40,who


And whats on the way?an update of the little one,what a shock.

They have just given us a new car,from the front it looks like a 911,

which means it looks bland,dull and a hell of a bore.

God help us if they have a bad day.

Jaguar have the XF,the new XJ is on the way and they have slipped

backwards,this has to be a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Topkat 1 September 2009

Re: New Porsche Boxster spied

People buy Porsche cause they are good quality cars. People buy Jags cause they know nothing about cars and want to be different ;-)

tannedbaldhead 31 August 2009

Re: New Porsche Boxster spied

tannedbaldhead wrote:
smaller Jag

mind you it better be smaller. would be a hypocrite if i let jag away with building a barge having just had a go at the boxter and z4 for getting a bit big.