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1 September 2009

The new Porsche Boxster has been spied testing again - and now we've caught it on video too.

See the Porsche Boxster on video

The latest pictures reveal more details of the car, including some of the aerodynamic sculpting that is being used to make it the cleanest, most economical Porsche available when it goes on sale in late 2010 or early 2011.

See the Porsche Boxster spy picture gallery

In particular, the right-hand door is sporting a fin, which is being used to channel more air towards the side-mounted intakes.

Further economy gains are expected to be made from the use of lighter weight materials - every panel is said to be new - and revised engines. Reports suggest that a 200bhp, sub 200g/km of Co2 four-cylinder engine could be available on a new entry-level model.

The photographers are also reporting that the car is slightly longer and wider than the current model. The increased size should help high-speed stability, as well as giving occupants more room.

In addition, the increased dimensions have fuelled speculation that the company is looking to fit a new, even smaller model into the Porsche range at a later date, possibly based on the VW BlueSport concept.

Pedestrian crash protection regulations will also have a bearing on the car's design, with the front end being tweaked as a result.

The new Porsche Boxster is expected to be officially unveiled next spring, at the Geneva motor show.

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Our Verdict

Porsche Boxster

Does bigger mean better for Porsche’s third-generation Boxster soft-top sports car, and which of its variants has the edge over the others?

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28 August 2009

It may be 'new' but it looks just like the others.

They may spout on about heritage, but surely Porsche will soon be left behind by others who are more radical, more modern, and actually good to look at...

Classic Porkers: lovelly, modern ones: boring (and losing ground to Aston and Jaguar and....)

28 August 2009

Porsche are soooo creative with their designs! :-)

28 August 2009

Definition of new at Porsche: Has a couple of, or maybe few BHPs more and is half a kilogram to a few kilograms lighter than the last model. This time around, they have exceeded their own standards by adding a few inches to the width of the car as well.

Considering what every iteration results at Porsche, this should be considered a limited edition; to be adored and parked in a special place.

28 August 2009

Longer and wider? ... exactly what the Boxster doesn't need ... they should be making it smaller.

28 August 2009

[quote McJohn]Longer and wider? ... exactly what the Boxster doesn't need ... they should be making it smaller.[/quote]

Too right McJohn. My last 4 cars have been 3 Boxsters and a Cayman. If they make it any wider I won't be able to get out of it in my garage, and as much as I love them I won't be moving house just to buy my next one. Hopefully they press on with a smaller entry level model, as has been speculated.


28 August 2009

I own a Cayman and an old Mazda MX5. Both are great cars, but for the tight little roads around here the MX5 is much easier to drive, and makes the Cayman feel a bit bloated. The one improvement I would make to my otherwise superb Cayman would be to make it just a few inches shorter and narrower.

Porsche are going in the wrong direction by making it bigger.

28 August 2009

This self-defeating trend towards ever bigger cars (compared with their predecessors) must end. I mean where is it all going to end? The volume of space on roads is finite and many cars that used to be easy to manoeuvre around cities, b-roads and people's drives are just getting too big.

It isn't just sports cars like the Boxster either, but also bread and butter saloons like the latest Mondeo and A4, which are hugely bigger than the models they replaced. And it doesn't help when motoring mags like Autocar demand more and more spacious cars and slag off the interior space of, say the 3-series, compared with the likes of the A4, when the latter is almost the size of a 5-series.

28 August 2009

Looks the same to me,sorry,one wheel nut is bigger!!!!!!!

Why change the habits of a life time.

28 August 2009

1/ Longer and wider : -1 => in 2020, the cars will be like the buses with that trend.

Note that with the European standards, the cars now have mirrors of buses.

2/ 4 cylinders : -1 (the sound of the flat 6 :-O)

3 / I hope a real switchable PSM! As it should be on every Porsche and not only on the 911 GT2 and GT3.

4/ For the style, I think it's only a mule.

28 August 2009

[quote McJohn]Porsche are going in the wrong direction by making it bigger[/quote]

Agree wholeheartedly. As it's only a two seater why the need for a bigger car? BMW equally as guilty with the Z4. Have owned a new MX5 for the past year and a half. Am really bitten by the 2 seater convertable bug. The Z4 or Boxter should be a natural progression for me but am starting to think "why bother". The VW/small Porsche mid engined roadster looks interesting. Here's hoping otherwise it's a full spec 2.0 MX5 sport for me.


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