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Latest pictures of the new roadster in testing at the Nurburgring

Porsche's next-generation Boxster has been spied in testing at the Nurburgring circuit in Germany.

Development on the new model is now at an advanced stage and the latest set of pictures show the Boxster in less disguise than in previous spy shots. Although it may look similar to the current model, every panel is new, as is its fabric roof.

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All new parts will also be lighter than the ones they replace as part of Porsche's drive to reduce the weight of its cars to achieve better fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions. Porsche is employing a similar strategy with the next 911, too.

The new Boxster, due to be launched within the next 12 months, will be longer and wider than the current model in order to make room for a new entry-level ‘baby Boxster’ based on the Audi R4 and VW BlueSport.

The larger dimensions will boost interior space and high-speed stability. The front end will also undergo styling modifications to increase the Boxster's pedestrian impact safety protection.

The next Boxster will also be a showcase for Porsche’s downsized petrol engines. Boxster model line director Hans-Jurgen Wohler told Autocar earlier this year that a four-cylinder engine and a turbocharged three-cylinder engine were under consideration for the car.

“A Boxster with a four-cylinder engine, or maybe even a three-cylinder turbo, could produce between 180bhp and 200bhp and emit just 180g/km of CO2,” said Wohler. “Given the Boxster’s history - that it started with a 200bhp 2.5-litre engine - I think this is possibly something that customers could accept.

“We are under a great deal of pressure from the EU law makers to reduce emissions, but we don’t know yet how much we’ll have to come down by,” he added.

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david RS 11 May 2010

Re: New Porsche Boxster spy shots

The pair Cayman-Boxster is one of the best cars.

The next ones will probably lose this wonderful compromise efficiency-use-pleasure.

david RS 10 May 2010

Re: New Porsche Boxster spy shots

Longer, wider, 3 or 4 pots...

What to say?

esreveRnIefiL 10 May 2010

Re: New Porsche Boxster spy shots

...And SLEEP

(Sorry, couldn't think of anything more trite)