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Next 911 model, due in 2012, will be longer and wider; dynamics and aero improved

This is the next-generation Porsche 911 winter testing - and you can see it in full detail in our spy video and spy pictures.

The 998 model will replace the 997, which itself is just a thorough facelift of the previous 996 model. Construction will be a mix of steel and aluminium, and some components will be shared with the smaller Cayman and Boxster to keep costs down.

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The disguise indicates that styling changes will be kept to a minimum, but Porsche sources have previously told Autocar that almost every panel will be new. The only carry-over parts will be the frameless doors from the cabriolet version.

The disguise at the rear hides a new wing, which draws on active technology seen in the Panamera. It will extend at high speed to boost downforce without impacting on drag.

The new 911 will be slightly longer and wider than the model it replaces. Porsche has made these changes to ensure the 911 meets ever-evolving crash regulations and also to improve both aerodynamics and dynamics.

Tech features will include an integrated torque vectoring system on four-wheel-drive models and a faster-acting limited-slip differential on rear-drive 911s. These spy pictures also indicate that the 911 will get LED front and rear lights as standard.

Engines will be updated versions of the current 911’s 3.6 and 3.8-litre flat sixes. Light-pressure turbocharging is being developed to boost efficiency, but these developments won’t be seen until the 998 receives its facelift in the middle of the next decade.

Sales will start in the summer of 2012.

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Sports888 13 August 2010

Re: New Porsche 911 spied

david RS wrote:

"The new 911 will be slightly longer and wider than the model it replaces."


I agree, stop that trend!!

Konstantinos 18 March 2010

Re: New Porsche 911 spied

One of the main reasons that the car gets bigger was the need to do something about the pathetic Aygo-like 2,35m or so wheelbase, which of course is closely related to the restrictions of the Beetle-derived architecture. Totally agree with people above. Physics is physics, but the Porsche dudes just won't get it. The most annoying thing is that there is some internally placed cap to Cayman/Boxster performance, because there 'has' to be enough headroom for their beefed up Beetle for "%$^"'s sake! Let this relic day a honourable death

Rover P6 3500S 17 March 2010

Re: New Porsche 911 spied

jl4069 wrote:
Any reason Porsche simply cannot make a 911 classic-size for those who wish to enjoy the ride.?

Yes, there is. It's called the Cayman. If they'd only give the Cayman more power (I'm told the 911 Turbo or GT3 engine will fit), it would easily better any of the arse-engined squashed Beetles they're selling now. It's time the bloody 911 accepted that the laws of Physics cannot be defeated and went away and died quietly. God's sake, the 928 was supposed to replace the 911 - if only they'd had the courage to kill the little Hitlermobile back then, instead of perpetuating this ridiculous 'tradition' of putting the engine in the wrong place and making it look like a squashed, half-melted Beetle...