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American sports car revealed at Le Mans; just 81 will be built before production ends in 2013

This is the Panoz Abruzzi Spirit of Le Mans, a new limited edition sports car revealed today at the famous Le Mans circuit in France.

Just 81 units will be built, one to celebrate every year of the Le Mans between its inception in 1923 and the event in 2013 (2013 will be when of the Abruzzi production ends).

See the Panoz Abruzzi being unveiled at Le Mans

Company boss Don Panoz said the car will “deliver an exotic automobile experience” to Panoz’s customers and Abruzi would take the company to “a completely new level”.

Despite today’s unveiling, exact details on the car remain sketchy. It will be front-engined and rear-drive although what powertain it will use hasn’t been confirmed.

Power will be around 590bhp and torque is rated at around 590lb ft. Panoz claims the car’s advanced design and aerodynamics will offer “astounding downforce and road-holding”.

The Abruzzi will be the first production car to use a Recyclable Energy Absorbing Matrix System (REAMS) body. Panoz claims that REAMS is lighter than carbonfibre but equally strong; it is also dent resistant, shatterproof and recyclable.

Panoz says he is “a believer in efficient construction and design” and “this philosophy continues with our Abruzzi”.

Each Abruzzi will come with an individual plaque with the car’s chassis number that’s linked with a particular year of Le Mans, including the winning car and drivers from that year.

Each owner will also get professional instruction at Le Mans and will get to drive a parade lap in their car at the Le Mans 24 Hours event itself.

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philcUK 9 June 2010

Re: New Panoz Abruzzi revealed

and yet - if it were a TVR for instance you'd all be getting very wet with glee at its appearance....

Big Mac 9 June 2010

Re: New Panoz Abruzzi revealed

They have been turning out some of the worst proportioned roadsters for years. This one crosses a line. That's the worst looking pile since the Pontiac Aztec. I have seen Chinese kitcar concept cars with more design coheasion. It's a total mess. The shutlines between the "bumper" or crazy looking pointy thing and the quarter pannel is huge. Awful lights...... Excuse me I have the try and wash the image from my brain. For shame.

jskater 8 June 2010

Re: New Panoz Abruzzi revealed

No beauty is it? It wouldn't have left the end of my pen looking like that...