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Carice cars reveals the Mk1, a retro-styled all-electric model which has gone on sale for £21k
Darren Moss
1 min read
30 June 2014

Carice cars has joined the likes of Vencer and Spyker as the Netherlands' newest niche car manufacturer.

The firm's first model, the Carice Mk1, is an open-top retro-styled electric car and costs from €26,620 (or £21,358). An initial production run of ten cars is planned. 

Weighing in at less than 350kg, the Mk1 can be offered in two states of tune with either 20bhp or 54bhp. The higher-powered motor can also be specified with a range-extending engine, while the model has a top speed of 62mph.

Carice says its Mk1 can travel up to 70 miles on a single charge, and can be recharged in just two hours.

A special junior version of the car, with power reduced to 5bhp, is available for drivers between 16 and 18 years of age.

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30 June 2014
I suspect for about £21k they have just dropped a Porsche 356 replica body onto an old electric Milk Float.

To have taken one of the worlds most beautiful cars as inspiration and then ended up with that thing is an achievement though.

I always like to ready about these plucky eccentric underdogs tackling the big boys but in this case I really wish they hadn't bothered.

30 June 2014
20bhp? Really? The extra power version is just 54bhp?

"Sports" car? No!

Nice way to tootle round? Maybe!

30 June 2014
No airbag, no rollover protection, and it weighs 350kg, including batteries, so it has no crash protection at all, right? Is it made of papier maché? Could we ask some questions before merely printing a press release?

30 June 2014
Almost 60bhp per tonne for the 20 bhp version. More than a lot of city cars including mine. I might think this is fast enough for city work where the vehicle is intended to be used (on sunny days anyway) and a lot more fun.

30 June 2014
Looks alot like a Porsche 356?

30 June 2014
£21,358 for an unsafe, electric Noddy car?

1 July 2014
They seem to have vastly underestimated the market for underpowered, unsafe, old-fashioned looking sports cars costing about €26k. How many MG TCs change hands each year?

For the record, I like it.

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