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German manufacturer expected to tweak naming convention in a move aimed at placing greater emphasis on its key C-, E- and S-class models

Mercedes-Benz is set to bring sweeping changes to the naming of its SUV models in a move aimed at placing greater emphasis on its key C-, E- and S-class models.

Among the changes, which are yet to be confirmed by Mercedes-Benz officials, is a renaming of the upcoming second-generation GLK, which will wear GLC badges when it is revealed in 2015, according to sources close to the German car maker.

The new name, first used on the concept GLC coupé revealed at the Beijing motor show in April, is meant to align the GLK with the Mercedes-Benz C-Class in the same way the smaller GLA is tied to the Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

Mercedes-Benz also plans to abandon the long-established M-class name for an all-new GLE nomenclature when the facelifted version of its strong selling US-built SUV is revealed early in the new year.

As well as appearing on the facelifted version of the M-class, the GLE name is also planned to appear on the production version of the concept GLC Coupe, which will carry the name GLE Coupe into production.

Further up the ladder, the GL is set to receive a new GLS name, positioning it as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class of Mercedes-Benz’s SUV line-up.

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Higgik 2 September 2014

Just seen other proposals for

Just seen other proposals for names
A class size
VLA new name for B class (should be VLK)
GLG!!!!! - a small SUV looking like G-wagen

C class size
GLC New name for GLK

E class size
CLE new name for CLS
GLE new name for ML
G-wagen no new name

S class size
VLS new name for Viano although should be VL


sports cars
AMG-GT this car becomes branded as AMG, as do all the sports cars.

There are only 2 MPVs so perhaps they would be better as

VL AND VLK to match the SL models.

With this situation, there is room for a
CLS super saloupe
VLE old R class

Still not sure what new G-wagen will be called.

Higgik 28 August 2014

Mercedes nomenclature

How about the B-class and outgoing R-class, are they going to be renamed?

How about TA and TE!!!

Or even STA and STE!!!

disco.stu 28 August 2014

MB announced all this a couple of years ago

Back before they launched the current A-Class range, Mercedes explained that they were going to reorganise their model names as it had become too confusing with all the niches they are now trying to cover. It is why the CL, CLK and CLC names were phased out, as they don't fit the strategy. It was covered in detail on another magazine's site...

A, C, E, S-Class models are the core range, and will usually be hatch, saloon, estate, coupe or cabriolet. Variations on those models will now be named accordingly. GL-prefix for SUV/crossovers and CL-prefix for '4-door coupe' and 'shooting brake' nonsense. In theory, the CLS should be renamed as CLE.

V-Class is the replacement for the Viano in the big boxy people carrier department, so I don't know if the current B-Class will be renamed the VLA. SL and SLK aren't really part of any model family, so they will probably be unaffected. The new AMG GT was supposedly originally going to be called SLC, but presumably that was canned under the new naming strategy as it is not based on the C-Class.

Overall it's much better, but there will be the inevitable confusion as people get their heads around it. Works better if you associate it with a corresponding engine number (eg - A 200, CLA 200, GLA 200, etc)
Or they could just stop making so many models...