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On sale 2014; will follow Fiesta and Focus with global design

The next Mondeo is set to follow the Focus and Fiesta and become Ford’s third world car, sources have revealed to Autocar.

Insiders at the highest level have confirmed that designs for the new Mondeo are now nearing completion and the finished car is expected to hit the showrooms in 2014, when it will replace the European Mondeo and the US market Fusion.

Like the new Focus, previewed at today’s Detroit motor show, it’s also expected to be manufactured in Europe, the US and China.

In a break from tradition though, the new Mondeo is being designed and engineered in the US.

The finished production car though will be sold globally with no design changes to suit local markets, although as with the Focus and Fiesta there will probably be small chassis alterations to suit local driving conditions.

Chas Hallett

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minwow 13 January 2010

Re: New Mondeo will be world car

Cheltenhamshire wrote:

Uh oh ... designed and engineered in the US. Does Europe really need a 5 metre 3.5 litre petrol Mondeo?

I don't think this is a good idea.

Its designed in the UK and german studio. and engineered here also.... And i think its a very good idea!! ;)

Cheltenhamshire 13 January 2010

Re: New Mondeo will be world car

dannynic wrote:
I think this will be a very good idea. A decent large well equiped AWD powerful automatic Ford is just what I wanted 6 months ago to replace my long list of Granada's and Scorpio's but because the New Mondeo was so underpowered, underequipped and cheap inside I bought a Volvo instead. I would have much preferred a decent Ford instead though.

You are one of the only ones in Europe then Danny. Europe simply does not buy non premium branded big cars, hence no Omega, Vel Satis / Safrane, Granada / Scorpio, 607 etc anymore. That is why Ford bought Volvo and GM Saab, so you would consider a S60 / S80 or a 95 ... instead of the A6, 520, etc.

The US still likes big saloon cars from Ford, Chevy, Toyoto and Honda .... so whilst we will have a 2.2 tdi hatch with a manual in Europe in the US they will have an AWD 3.5 petrol auto .....

jerry99 13 January 2010

Re: New Mondeo will be world car

I have just read today's report on VW plans to build a simplified Passat for the USA, with cheaper suspension and materials. This does not bode well for the Mondeo as there could be pressure to simplify key parts of the existing design to suit the US market at the expense of the Europeans.

I hope it is just a spoiling tactic and Ford are not taken in by it.