On sale 2012, testing in Scandinavia
18 January 2010

This is the next generation Mercedes SL, which is due in 2012.

The car was spotted cold weather testing in Scandinavia in temperatures below minus 20 degrees last week.

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The shape of the front end cladding appears to confirm that all future Mercedes's will carry styling hallmarks highlighted in the sculpture displayed by the company at last week's Detroit motor show.

Although the sculpture was specifically a teaser for the next generation CLS, elements such as the larger front grille and three-pointed star emblem are expected to be included on all future Mercedes models.

The proportions of the new car are expected to be similar to the current model's, although it will be considerably lighter through the use of more aluminium in its construction.

Key components such as the drivetrains, suspension and electrical systems are expected to be shared with the SLS supercar.

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Mercedes-Benz SL

The Mercedes SL is perhaps the most splendid, single-minded luxury convertible in the world

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18 January 2010

No doubt this will be another great SL from the three pointed start however i think i have seen one of the Current SL class on the road since it was launched, which compared to the previous SL which are quite popular! Is there any reason for this or is it just the area in which i live in! I would like to see the sales figures for the current SL as it seems to me to be not very good! I dont know why either as it is a fine car.

18 January 2010

[quote VX220EDDIE] have seen one of the Current SL class on the road since it was launched[/quote]

Likewise, i've only seen one of current facelifted R230 models since it was launched in 2007. Looked better in the flesh, but nowhere near as good looking as the original - which could be a reason for its poor showing. I've seen far more XKs, 6-Series` and DB9s.

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