Upgraded engines and better economy for Cayman and Boxster
19 November 2008

The new facelifted Porsche Boxster and Cayman models will get new engines, revised suspension and a dual-clutch PDK gearbox.

Cosmetic upgrades are limited to new headlights with built-in indicators, larger air intakes and LED daytime running lights. The Cayman now has LED tail-lights, too.

The new engines are a 2.9-litre unit for the Boxster and Cayman and a 3.4-litre motor for the S models. Both are related to the recently launched flat-six engines in the 911, although only the 3.4 gets direct injection.

In the Boxster the 2.9 produces 255bhp, increasing to 265bhp in the Cayman. The Boxster S has 310bhp, while the same engine produces 320bhp in the Cayman S.

All models feature improved fuel consumption over the current range; the Cayman S now returns 31.7mpg, an improvement of 16 per cent. As we recently reported, real efficiency gains will be made by the next-generation Boxster, which insiders have said will switch to turbocharged four-cylinder power.

Coupled with Porsche’s PDK transmission, the new engines help to increase the Boxster and Cayman’s performance. The 2.9 Boxster with PDK reaches 62mph in 5.8sec, as opposed to the old 2.7 car’s 6.1sec. A Cayman S with PDK and optional launch control cracks it in 4.9sec; the old S with Tiptronic took 6.1sec.

A mechanical limited-slip differential is also available as an option on both Boxster and Cayman.

The cars go on sale in February with price rises across both ranges. The Boxster now starts at £34,420, with the S costing £41,250. Cayman prices start at £36,870 for the 2.9, rising to £45,050 for the S.

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Dan Stevens

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19 November 2008

As much as I like the 911, the Cayman / Boxster combo are far better cars. Its nice to the (finally) the option of the LSD and the (modest) increase in power for the S models.

I still wonder what it would be like if they let the engineers loose with out the constraints!



It's all about the twisties........

19 November 2008

Typical Porsche tweaking and 911 protectionism here then. The mystery is what have they fed the extra 30 horses on as the existing Cayman S returns an identical 0-62 of 5.4 sec. Are they trying to make the PDK and launch control the default options, because the first leaves me cold and the second will be used once in a blue moon by most owners.


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