Only three examples of the exclusive supercar will be built
14 September 2009

Koenigsegg has launched its new Trevita, a 1004bhp supercar based on the CCXR.

Only three examples of the exclusive supercar will be made by the Swedish firm. The name Trevita translates from Swedish into three whites.

See the high-res Koenigsegg Trevita picture gallery

It uses a bio-fuel engine, which can produce 782lb ft of torque as well as its 1004bhp.

Its skin is made from a unique new material produced in-house by the Koenigsegg engineers. The body panels are carbonfibre, which are then coated in a diamond finish to give the car a sparkling effect. The firm calls it the Koenigsegg Shimmering Diamond Weave.

Other exclusive features include a double carbon wing, paddle-shift ‘box, a new sports exhaust system, carbon ceramic brakes with ABS, a hydraulic lifting system and a chrono instrument cluster.

No prices have been announced by Koenigsegg.

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14 September 2009

Still one of the most exciting cars today,so what if there's only three of them!,Goodwin talks of cars having to have a bit of danger about them, the drive me right or i'll kill you look about them, this car to me is the thinking man's fantasy car, i've seen it driven on telly and nobody but nobody whose driven it can keep a straight face, well except a well known pilot (STIG,of course) that's what this car ouses in buckets, and do you know what, i'd pick it over a Veyron no question, now if Derren Brown culd send me my lottery numbers?.........mmmm.

Peter Cavellini.

15 September 2009

They've taken the "visor" design from the Evora!

15 September 2009

Why produce only 3???

Despite the global recession, there appear to be much more than a handful of people who will readily pay much more than a million quid for exclusivity on 4-wheels!

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