Currently reading: New Kia K9 sketches shown
Design chief shows new car pictures - but are they old or new?

These could be the first images of the Kia K9, a Hyundai Genesis-based large saloon.

The design sketches were shown at a design conference in Seoul, Korea during a speech given by Kia's design boss, Peter Schreyer.

See the Kia K9 sketches

Although details are limited, it's rumoured that the car would be based on the Genesis platform and initially be offered with V8 power in the US, with other markets testing reaction to it.

However, a Kia source denied any knowledge of the car, saying it had not been presented in a forward product plan briefing given earlier this month.

Instead, he suggested that the pictures could be an early design sketch for Kia's K7, which will go on sale as the Cadenza in the US.

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Casanova 11 December 2009

Re: New Kia K9 sketches shown

HyundaiSmoke wrote:
The Idea of someone choosing a Focus over a Golf or a KIA Forte is sickening

Choose a FOCUS?? How DARE they??

HyundaiSmoke wrote:
My step dad who is European says Euro Focus built in England

Oh, he's European? He must know then. Ford, however, say that European market Focuses are mainly made in Valencia (Spain) and Saarlouis (Germany), and they probably know better.

HyundaiSmoke wrote:
Built in England=POS

Can you justify that comment?

zthomasz 11 December 2009

Re: New Kia K9 sketches shown

Why don't you peddle your racism somewhere else?

HyundaiSmoke 11 December 2009

Re: New Kia K9 sketches shown

I think Hyundai never really paid too much attention to the Euro Consumer up until recently. Europe is a market where you dont see big V8s everywhere, and your equivalent to big V6s V8s were hot hatches. Hyundai never understood that until recently. With the Opening of their new Global Small Car Center, Hyundai is now focusing on what to do to crack that Euro hatch market better. i20 and i30 were good tries, but now they feel they must make them be more resposive to the European tastes. They probably are testing an i20 somewhere with a 1,6 Turbo going into the Accent.

It doesnt take much to please Americans on the small car front, but the discriminating European customer is going to need some work. In the past Hyundai just took small cars that were heavy for American specs, and put the lightest weight powertrains they could eek out to get the most in Fuel Economy and called it a day in Europe.

I still think it was the worst possible decision on the planet to put a 1.3, 1.4 and that stupid 1.5 3 Cyl Diesel in the Accent accross the Pond. That car was too damm heavy for powertrains that light weight. The Same with that Elantra you guys had. Then again, like I said Hyundai didnt put effort into European small cars.