Design chief shows new car pictures - but are they old or new?
10 December 2009

These could be the first images of the Kia K9, a Hyundai Genesis-based large saloon.

The design sketches were shown at a design conference in Seoul, Korea during a speech given by Kia's design boss, Peter Schreyer.

See the Kia K9 sketches

Although details are limited, it's rumoured that the car would be based on the Genesis platform and initially be offered with V8 power in the US, with other markets testing reaction to it.

However, a Kia source denied any knowledge of the car, saying it had not been presented in a forward product plan briefing given earlier this month.

Instead, he suggested that the pictures could be an early design sketch for Kia's K7, which will go on sale as the Cadenza in the US.

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10 December 2009

Wow you guys need to get your facts straight! THE K7/CADENZA HAS ALREADY BEEN UNVEILED OFFICIALY IN PRODUCTION FORM - LOOK AT THIS TV ADVERT - [youtube][/youtube]

10 December 2009

Instead of a V8, they should use a flat-8 *boxer* engine in their Kia Canine, sorry k9 , wonder if it will have a dog leg gearbox. Im sure it will be a bit of mongrel though since its based on a Hyundai :p

10 December 2009

Hyundai= KIA Plus, in most markets outside of Europe.

Everybody needs to get their facts straight from the article to the posters.

Facts about KIA K9:

1. As a Hyundai/KIA superfan I have access to Hyundai/KIA sources that say this is based off of the genesis RWD Platform, but this is not a KIA Genesis.

2. My source at KIA who leaks me some infromation states this is a KIA Cheaper Eqqus.

3. K7=Cheaper Verision of Hyundai Azera/i50.

4. K8=KIA Cheaper Genesis.

5. K9 will have a 4.0L and a 5.0 V8.

6. K9=A technological showpiece for the brand to get people to say "Hey if they can make this then I can trust them to make me a good C'eed."

7. K9 will be unveiled completely in September 2010 for sale.

This is like a Phaeton for KIA, and in a lot of Markets the Phaeton sells well, except that KIA can do it for so much cheaper.

10 December 2009

[quote HyundaiSmoke]As a Hyundai/KIA superfan[/quote]

10 December 2009

What does it take to become a Hyundai superfan? Did it start with the Pony?

10 December 2009

[quote tannedbaldhead]

[quote HyundaiSmoke]As a Hyundai/KIA superfan[/quote]


I just don't know what to say.

To be a superfan of ANY car manufacturer is symptomatic of an empty life. To be a fan of Hyundai just strikes me dumb.

Cars are best judged on their individual merits. As a result the objective will have observed the VW Golf and Ford Focus leap frog one another. The Mk1 Focus was vastly superior to the Mk3 and Mk4 Golf. The Mk5 Golf edged a touch ahead of the MK1 Focus, the Mk2 Focus pushed back in the lead and opened the gap with the Mk2.5 until Mk6 Golf leap frogged VW into the lead and the MkIII Focus then Mk7 Golf will do likewise. No one in their right mind is going to choose a Golf over a Focus or vice versa just because they are a fan of a car brand.

The second Hyundai build the car that suits me (and the way they are contsantly improving they may well do) I'll have it, but till then no amount of ranting by your good self will convince me otherwise.

10 December 2009

See, what I mean about different global product? Focuses here are fleet/rental cars that have had more government recalls in its history than any Hyundai small car ever sold here put together since 1986 including: Pony, Excel, or Accent. A guy buys a Focus here for 15K and next year its worth 6K. Hyundais may Depreciate but not Ford's Depreciation here is a joke.

The Idea of someone choosing a Focus over a Golf or a KIA Forte is sickening, but in Europe thats the way things work. Here Middle American White Conservatives buy Focuses on a Patriotic Obligation as a last stand to keep what little production there is in the States, even though most of the cars and components are built in Mexico.

10 December 2009

Mk1 Focus 1.8 Zetec was an absolute joy to drive. MkII a bit more compromised but still dynamically superior to the Golf but looses out to New Golf on refinement comfort and general class. Both superior to the admittedly worthy, but not quite there yet, i30

10 December 2009

US Focus=Same quality as Top Gear's Reasonably Priced POS.

I dont trust that the Euro Focus is any better in relaibility either. My step dad who is European says Euro Focus built in England=POS too.

Then again, I forgot in Europe Relaibility or the perception of reliability is not the main priority in a car buying choice.

11 December 2009

[quote HyundaiSmoke]US Focus=Same quality as Top Gear's Reasonably Priced POS.[/quote]

Don't care. UK Focus= Fun

Anyway here in the UK our bosses buy us new cars every three years therefore

Breakdown= a chance to play in another car=more fun

If my Citroen Xantia had never broken down I would never have had a the pleasure of a Xsara VTS for a couple of days (now there was a car where Hyundai could learn a thing or two about putting a smile on a driver's face).


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