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Fiat's new C-segment hatchback - based on the Aegea project saloon - will take the Tipo name in the UK, with an estate variant to follow
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12 October 2015

Fiat has confirmed that its upcoming C-segment hatchback will take the Tipo name when it is launched in 2016. 

The new Tipo is based on the Aegea saloon, which was revealed at the Istanbul motor show earlier this year and is set to go on sale across Europe, Asia and the Middle East from December. 

Hatchback and estate forms of the new Fiat Tipo are revealed at the 2016 Geneva Motorshow

While Fiat is still deciding whether to take the saloon model in this country, both hatchback and estate variants of the car will be offered here. The Aegea name will only be kept in Turkey, a decision spurred by positive local reaction to the original project car.

The Tipo measures 4.5m in length, and is 178cm wide and 148cm high - and is designed to be able to carry five passengers. It has an overall boot capacity of 510 litres.

Opinion - why the original Tipo started a new era for Fiat

It comes with equipment such as Fiat’s Uconnect system, with a five-inch colour touch screen, Bluetooth, USB and Aux inputs and steering wheel controls all as standard. It is also available with an optional TomTom satellite navigation system and a rear parking camera.

Fiat chose to launch the Aegea/Tipo at the Istanbul show as the car will be built at Fiat’s plant in Bursa, in Turkey, alongside the likes of the Linea, Qubo and the Doblo.

It will come with a choice of four engines - two Multijet II diesels and two petrols, with power ratings between 94bhp and 118bhp. Fiat claims that they are capable of as much as 70.6mpg - on a par with the likes of the smaller Panda model.

The Tipo hatchback has already been spotted testing in Europe - and will compete with the likes of the Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra and Seat Leon in this country.

The original Tipo was launched in 1988 and ran until 1995.

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18 May 2015
They could call it the Fiat 500M (Medium)

18 May 2015
"It directly replaces the aging Linea saloon, which is based on the Grande Punto and is aimed mainly at central and eastern European and Mediterranean (i.e. unsophisticated) markets. The styling of the hatchback shows a strong family resemblance to the current (i.e. ten year old) Grande Punto." So, this is Fiat's new budget, but quite not Dacia rivalling, model mentioned a few weeks ago. Sounds like a perfect candidate for a holiday rental, but otherwise unlikely to make any impact in Northern Europe or the UK in particular. As to it being "notably less expensive than a Focus or a Vauxhall Astra" is that compared to list price or the discounted prices widely available on those competitors? I'm old enough to remember when Fiat produced great, distinctive cars that were different to but thoroughly competitive with their European rivals. What a tragedy for the company to be reduced to this.

18 May 2015
It will be interesting to see if we or Western Europe as a whole gets the 5 dour and estate.
Will it carry the 500 name? I really hope not. It's getting so boring having everything named 500 something or another.

18 May 2015
...but the 500 still sells well and the new 500x looks to be a decent, yet not outstanding, car. I don't see many of the current Pandas which is a shame as it's the only small city car I'd own. Apparently, sales of the 500L have jumped since one was featured on the new Peter Kay Car Share show (according to my dad, who's mate is a Fiat salesman!?!?!?). Looking forward to seeing the MX5 based roadster. I think Fiat should scrap any plans of a medium/large car and concentrate on a Punto replacement, sharpish. Hope they turn it round.

21 May 2015
If Fiat won't sell it in the UK it usually means it can't compete. If the once might Fiat can't build a car to equal Ford then it's up against the likes of Hyundai, so it'll be left to the Fiat 500 to pay for staff pensions, till the Italina Goverment step in. RIP Fiat

21 May 2015
And maybe there's now a market for a smallish saloon now that other makers have abandoned the sector? But the Italian firms quality (real or perceived), poor dealer network and likely high depreciation count against it. Much as I'd like Fiat to succeed and provide a bit of variety in the automotive landscape, I don't think I'd put my money on it.

21 May 2015
I like this. It's a shame, really, that small/medium saloons aren't all that popular in the UK. I personally prefer the saloon variants of many cars to their hatchback siblings. The Astra and Focus are just two examples - both look more elegant than the 5 door hatches but both are denied to the UK buyer.

22 May 2015
TurtleGerald wrote:

I like this. It's a shame, really, that small/medium saloons aren't all that popular in the UK. I personally prefer the saloon variants of many cars to their hatchback siblings. The Astra and Focus are just two examples - both look more elegant than the 5 door hatches but both are denied to the UK buyer.

Agree 100%, always a treat to drive in Ireland and see 4 door Astras and Focuses, they really are more elegant than the (forgive me, Gerald...) Turtle shaped hatchbacks.

I like the look of this Fiat, of their current range there is nothing inspiring. I'm not female so don't like the cutesy looks of the 500, the 500L is ugly, I dislike SUVs so the 500X is out.

21 May 2015
A bit of Citröen Elysee, on the front, a bit Skoda Rapid at the rear. Here, in Portugal, the Linea was sold, but withdrawn from the market, probably due to very low sales. As for the other cars, they're sold as budget alternatives, as well as a Skoda twin, the SEAT Toledo, but almost all of the Citröens and SKodas seen on the streets are Taxis, and I don't think I've ever seen a SEAT Toledo around, maybe only as demonstration cars in dealerrs.

21 May 2015
124, 125, 127, 128 - these were all distinctive Fiat family cars. So were the original Uno, Punto & Panda. Then something went wrong and now we have this Aegea without any design flair whatsoever. Unless it is exceptional in other areas, it is unlikely to be competitive.


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