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Saab introduces new engines for the 9-5 and 2011 9-3

Saab has introduced two new engines for its 9-5 model – a 187bhp 2.0TTiD and a 178bhp 1.6T.

The 2.0TTiD is the first Saab diesel to offer cross-wheel drive, Saab’s four-wheel drive system, and will propel the 9-5 from 0-62mph in under nine seconds.

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It has 295lb ft of torque and has a projected combined cycle fuel consumption of 47.1 mpg and CO2 emissions of 159 g/km.

The 1.6T petrol offers combined cycle fuel consumption of 36.2 mpg and CO2 emissions of 179 g/km and is available in Vector SE specification with front wheel drive and a manual gearbox.

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The Saab 9-5’s options list is expanded by the addition of Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and customers can now choose from 11 colours rather than the original seven.

ACC enables the driver to select a cruising speed and the car will automatically alter the chosen speed to maintain a specified gap to the vehicle in front. There are visual and audible warnings should the driver be required to take action, such as heavy braking.

Saab 9-3 2011 revised

Details of the revised 2011 9-3 have also been released. Saab has introduced a new 1.9-litre diesel line-up with 128bhp TTiD, 158bhp and 178bhp versions.

The new engines were developed specifically to be more efficient. All three now have twin turbochargers and in the saloon they all give CO2 emissions below 120g/km and a combined cycle fuel consumption of 62.8 mpg.

The SportWagon offers 61.4 mpg and CO2 emissions of 122g/km and the Convertible offers 54.3 mpg and 137g/km respectively.

Efficiency measures introduced include optimised gearing, recalibrated engine management, improved aerodynamics and low rolling resistance tyres for reduced road friction.

Equipment has also been increased with Bluetooth phone integration, a ‘change-up’ indicator and heated front seats now offered as standard.See all the latest Saab reviews, news and video

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supermanuel 10 September 2010

Re: New engines for Saab 9-3, 9-5

andrepaul999 wrote:
Obvioulsy the car buying public believes so as per the sales figures suggest

The public also religiously watches those awful 'talent' shows on a Saturday night...

andrepaul999 10 September 2010

Re: New engines for Saab 9-3, 9-5

WooDz wrote:
Was your comment based on a personal test drive or just one what has been written by Autocar in their review?

Yes i have driven the car and for a good amount of time

WooDz wrote:
The base Insignia starts a shade short of £19,000 however in typical GM fashion there is a cash reduction incentive on a vehicle heading on to be 2 years old. It has hardly any features so the reality is you have to part with £20,000 if you want a decent Insignia.

It doesnt matter how much the Insignia costs, the comment was on the ride quality which is the same if you spend 19K or 30K on the Vauxhall. The 27K Saab model i drove had no better ride quality than a 19K insignia, which incidentally you could probably get for less than 15K with discount.

WooDz wrote:
Please don't think I'm trying to sell a 9-5 but what I am doing to trying to put things into perspective. The German brands are better but are they £7,500 better?

Obvioulsy the car buying public believes so as per the sales figures suggest

WooDz 10 September 2010

Re: New engines for Saab 9-3, 9-5

supermanuel wrote:

WooDz wrote:
However; the all new 9-3 due 2012 (2013 MY) will be SAAB's first post-GM product and the first of Jason Casrtiota's pen work.

But surely this new 9-3 will contain platform elements of the current 9-3? How else would they get it to market so quickly?

BMW have been re-designing their platform since 1990 but you can't really compare the current 3-Series to the original e46. Yes the new 9-3 will take the original plans of the current 9-3 but that in itself isn't GM's original Epsilon architecture. When the current 9-3 launched in 2002 it only shared 60% or the original platform. Since then it's been engineered further with the MCE in 2007. AWD on the 9-3 is the biggest proof that even now it's no-longer an Epsilon platform. With the new car you could say it will be GM based, (Facts and statistics reign supreme right?.) But that would be just splitting hairs. The ultimate proof will be the drive and if it can compete with the A4 then that will be what counts.