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Spy pictures of the Audi A6 suggest A7-style looks

Audi looks set to deliver on its promise of A7 looks for the forthcoming next-generation A6, judging from the first spy images of its 5-series rival.

The relatively light disguise on this test car, spied racking up development miles in Germany, shows that the A7’s front end treatment is being transferred to its more conventional sibling.

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The body graphics can’t hide the fact that the headlights are extremely slim towards the centre and widen towards the wings. And the central bar of cladding that splits the front grille is likely to disappear, giving the A6 a one-piece aperture similar to the A7’s.

Expect a more conventional set-up at the rear, though. Audi wants the A7’s tail-light treatment to be one of its stand-out features, so the A6 is more likely to follow the A8’s lead on their design.

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Inside, the A6’s cabin is said to follow the feel of the four-door coupé’s — the two models will share more materials than the A7 does with the A8 — but feature a more traditional, less sporting dashboard architecture than that of its recently launched stablemate.

The A6 will also get a bench rear seat to allow it to cope with five occupants, instead of the A7’s strict four-seat layout. Legroom is likely to be the same, though, since the cars sit on the same chassis, a version of Audi’s MLP platform.

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Engines will range from 2.0-litre petrol and turbodiesel units to a supercharged 3.0-litre petrol. Transmission options will include a seven-speed dual-clutch set-up and the eight-speed automatic introduced on the latest A8.

Due to make its public debut at the 2011 Geneva motor show, the A6 will be the third model in Audi’s ‘big car’ line-up to get the new styling language introduced on the A8 and subsequently modified for the A7.

The A4 is likely to follow suit, and by 2014 the A8 will get a mid-life facelift that will take the car through to an all-new generation in 2018.

John McIlroy

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Lee23404 31 August 2010

Re: New Audi A6 uncovered

Addy Go Fast wrote:
I have only just read your reply today and I hope we've moved on from here with discussions on another thread about the purchase of your new A3.

We have, no problem ;-) That was posted before our other posts.

Addy Go Fast wrote:
And if we could not lay into each other that would also be good! ;-)

Works for me ;-)

Addy Go Fast 31 August 2010

Re: New Audi A6 uncovered

Lee23404 wrote:

Why not? That's your usual 'style'. That's what I find most irritating about your posts, not that you don't like Audi's, that's up to you, but the way that you have attacked others who say that they like them and called at least one person ignorant for doing so.

People choose different cars for different reasons and that doesn't make them ignorant or stupid as you constantly like to imply. You should put you prejudices aside and try and remember that next time you post.

I have only just read your reply today and I hope we've moved on from here with discussions on another thread about the purchase of your new A3.

I am disappointed being honest that you've had a pop back at me and feel I am "attacking others" as that sounds a bit too aggressive to me, and I haven't called other posters on here ignorant. I did say that I struggle with particular types of people generally buying Audi's based on image and status alone. I will also temper that with saying I have calmed my views on Audi and attitude towards them, and you'll be pleased to hear that's after hearing your thoughts.

I just struggle with the "it crowd" buyers but I have cooled all the animosity down massively. I did see one yesterday - a woman in her late twenties, orange as, well, an orange, dyed black hair, massive fake nails and driving a white S3 Sportback with black wheels. Could be funded by a Northern dealer, could be bought outright through honest means, could be leased. Who cares. People like that can annoy me but I've let it go, I just have a little inner smile and that's it.

So what I am really saying here is thank you Lee for helping me to see things from another perspective - I was angry and now I am not. And if we could not lay into each other that would also be good! ;-)

Rich_uk 30 August 2010

Re: New Audi A6 uncovered

moe360 wrote:
I cannot comment as I was probably not born when you were younger so I don't have any experience on the situations back then.

I wasn't born when WW1 and WW2 were going on but I could tell you a bit about it and reckon young people then had a hard time of it!

moe360 wrote:
we bothered about image YES image is important in todays society when you young.

Seriously Moe, don't feel you have to defend young people all the time and please don't suggest that you represent them (us- I'm young). Maybe you'll deny this but it's an impression I get when reading some of your posts. Plus your comments about you being a 'poor young Asian lad' doing better than the 'white little rich kids' wasn't required. I don't give a stuff if you're Asian or not, your posts are often hard to read!!

Back to the Audi A6. It will undoubtedly be a success and in isolation it'll be an attractive car.

However, I agree with the comments around Audi being a fashionable brand at present. In order to turn that into a long term success and keep the branding high-end, the cars need to be innovative and imho have greater differences between the models.

Off hand I can't think of a USP or innovations. The engines aren't ground-breaking to the extent of BMW, or new clever safety features etc.

My prediction is Audi will continue to sell well but I think the brand value will detoriate and find themselves competing against Volvo or VW and not BMW/Mercs that it currently still is.