Giulietta project manager makes bold claims about new hatchback
8 February 2010

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta will be quieter and better-riding than a VW Golf, and more agile than a Ford Focus, according to its makers.

The all-new five-door hatchback will be launched at Geneva next month, and is the first Alfa model to utilise a new compact chassis.

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As a result, Alfa is already claiming European class supremacy in handling, steering feel, performance-to-weight, ride comfort, NVH and safety, according to Matteo Benedetto, the Giulietta project manager.

For comparison tests, Alfa engineers chose the model they feel marks the “sweet spot” in the range, the 170bhp turbocharged MultiAir 1.4 litre with twin-clutch paddle-shift gearbox.

Priced similarly to VW Golf’s range, the Giulietta is likely to follow the same three-tier line-up (Touring, Lusso and Veloce) as the Mito, though there will be an even zippier 1.8-litre, 235 bhp Cloverleaf version at the very top. Most models will be in British showrooms by June.

The new chassis on which the Giulietta is based is also earmarked for a range of Fiat-Chrysler group vehicles that will eventually include sports cars, 4x4 saloons and SUVs.

Fiat Group chief, Sergio Marchionne, says the Alfa marque’s prospect of being launched in the US depend heavily on whether the Giulietta achieves its European targets first.

He is determined that the car, whose name was changed from Milano at the last minute after a dispute with Milanese workers, will reinstate the marque’s reputation for fine handling and performance.

Steve Cropley

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta has its flaws, but its dynamic capabilities and stylish looks are enough to keep it in contention

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8 February 2010

It certainly looks 100 times better than a focus

and 100000 times more interesting than a golf!

I think key will be getting the price right. If the price is right - I could see this selling well. Although I wouldnt want a small hatchback, if I did, I would much rather this than a focus or golf.

8 February 2010

Alfa better than Focus or Golf .

I'll beleive that when I see it .

I have to say for me the car looks like a gormless gaping fish. I'm not taken with any of Alfas recent goggle eyed designs . Something doesnt gel for me with that gaping grille and bug eyed headlights . The 147 wasnt too bad but ugh the Mito and now this the Mito seems to be like a toddler shouting me too me too.

Come on Alfa give us something good like the 159's taut snarly aggressive looks again.

8 February 2010

Even if the sensationalistic headline is true, I fear that unless the Alfa is different to the Focus and Golf, it will sell just as poorly as the rest of the range. Perhaps if it was RWD it could have acheived this.

For me, an Alfa should be lightweight and responsive with great handling, with giant killing B Road ability, I fear a 4.5 metre long 5 door hatch with NVH superior to a Golf is not going to acheive this.

However if the chassis is as good as they claim, maybe a Scirocco esque version could be developed, for those who do not go for the Altea like dimensions of the std 5 door model.

8 February 2010

Is it only me or does anyone else think this car looks like a 1 series BMW. Look closely.

8 February 2010

[quote KingCharlie]Is it only me or does anyone else think this car looks like a 1 series BMW. Look closely.[/quote]

Only you, but then again the 1 Series is a Bangleised rip off of the 147...

8 February 2010

At last!

Alfa are bigging up their products, good. Its what they should be doing, aiming to beat the Focus and Golf.

Time will tell, but its about time we had something to follow other than the usual herd.

I really want this to be good, I want one!

8 February 2010

.....but is it reliable?

8 February 2010

[quote carup008]

.....but is it reliable?


Why shouldn't it be?

The current range are, did well in the JD Power survey in Germany.

VW didn't...

8 February 2010

[quote Richard H]

.....but is it reliable?


on my 5th and counting and not one breakdown, everyone superb! Viva Alfa

8 February 2010

In that case, it had better be quieter and better riding. And presumably it will be, or Alfa will have frittata all over their faces.Clever of them to alreay know how quiet and smooth-riding the new Focus is...


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