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US firm creates a supercar it claims is capable of producing 2000bhp and going more than 300mph

This is the Dagger GT, a new US hypercar that its maker claims is capable of more than 300mph.

The Dagger GT is the work TransStar Racing, whose employees consists of former NASA aerodynamicists and the designer of the Saleen S7 Le Mans racer.

See the official pics of the Dagger GT

Powering the Dagger GT is a twin-turbo aluminium multi-fuel racing engine of an unspecified size.

TransStar hasn’t released official power and performance figures, but it claims it “will not quit” until it tunes the engine to produce 2000bhp and 2000lb ft of torque.

It wants the Dagger GT to be able to get from 0-60mph in less than 1.5 sec and go on to reach a top speed of more than 300mph.

The firm also wants the car to claim the lap records at both the Nurburgring and the Virginia International Raceway.

The Dagger GT uses a high-strength steel chassis and carbonfibre bodywork. Customers can order it in three specifications: hardcore racer, a street-legal sport version or a softer-riding GT-X model that has a more luxurious interior.

TransStar will build five units for the 2011 model year and claims to have already sold two. A further 10 units will follow in 2012.

The Dagger GT costs from $450,000 (£300,000).

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laughinggas 26 July 2018

So here we are 8 years later.

So here we are 8 years later. So, where is it????

theroadneverends 9 July 2010

Re: New '300mph' hypercar launched

Will86 wrote:
if a company as large and knowledgeable as VW faced enormous challenges making 1000bhp work in the Veyron, I will be interested to see how 2000bhp works, especially when it is set to cost a third of the price of the loss making Veyron.
damn right lets just recall what happened to the 1500hp vector GT....ITS STILL IN DEVELOPEMENT

Straight Six Man 7 July 2010

Re: New '300mph' hypercar launched

scoob wrote:
I'm sorry but the rate at which you cover ground at that speed (anything >150mph in fact) you will run out of road anywhere in the world. VW's track isn't long enough even if you pushed it in the banking, Nardo is a bowl with limits to how fast you can hang on in the banking and Le Mans' Mulsanne straight is only 3.5 miles long! Without any calculations I would say even if you found a car capable of doing 300mph you would need in excess of 20 miles of straight, flat road to accelerate to 300mph and stop again, which even the good ol' USofA doesn't have. It will be a long time before a 'road car' as we know it goes 300mph and I'm hedge my bets that it won't be done on tarmac.

There are long enough straights in the States, I'm sure of it. Now, the longest runway in the world, Edwards Air Force Base in California, is seven and a half miles, so that's not long enough, but there are roads in the desert that should be long enough.