Currently reading: MyCar CV.2 electric city car goes on sale in London
Italian-designed eco car has a range of 70 miles, a top speed of 40mph and costs £9995

A new electric city car, the MyCar CV.2, has gone on sale in London as a rival to the G-Wiz i.

The MyCar CV.2 has a 3.73kw DC motor that is powered by four 12V lead acid batteries, which have a range of up to 70 miles. It produces a top speed of 40mph and takes between eight and 10 hours to fully recharge.


Costing from £9995, the MyCar was designed in Italy and built in Hong Kong. The two-seater CV.2 is fitted with 15-inch alloy wheels, leather seats and electric windows, as well as being equipped with regenerative braking and a panoramic sunroof.

By comparison, the G-Wiz i, starting at £7,795, has a 6kw AC induction motor powered by eight 6V lead acid batteries. It has a range of 48 miles, produces a top speed of 51mph and takes eight hours to fully recharge.

This week GoinGreen, the UK retailer of the G-Wiz, announced more details of the G-Wiz L-ion, which it claims is the first mainstream electric vehicle to use lithium-ion battery technology.

The car has an extended range over the standard G-Wiz, travelling for up to 75 miles between charges. GoinGreen is also about to roll out a fast charge station, which will give 90 per cent charge in an hour and 100 per cent in an hour and a half.

The technology will initially be available for businesses that require constant charge to a fleet of G-Wizs, but could one day be available at outlets for private users.

The G-Wiz L-ion has improved charging efficiency with approximately 20 per ecnt less energy required per charge. The new car is also 15 per cent lighter than original model, giving it improved performance and handling.

The new G-Wiz L-ion is available to order now for £15,795 and deliveries start in May. An upgrade will be available to a limited number of existing G-Wiz customers but prices are yet to be confirmed.

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