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2010 Mustang will get the £1200 option
Mark Tisshaw
1 min read
22 June 2009

Ford has shown off a new panoramic glass roof option for its new 2010 Mustang.

The new roof can cut out 90 per cent of the sun's heat-generating infrared (IR) rays and 96 per cent of burn-causing ultraviolet (UV) rays, the equivalent of wearing factor 50 sun cream.

Ford also claim that “scientific studies show that increased exposure to sunshine or bright light is therapeutic because it regulates the body's synthesis of melatonin, a mood-regulating hormone that modulates the circadian cycle of sleep and wakefulness.”

The panoramic glass roof for the 2010 Ford mustang is a $1995 (£1200) option over the base cost of a $31,845 (£19,000) Mustang GT.


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