BMW has increased power output for all its diesel units in the revised 3-series
15 July 2008

BMW has given details of revised diesel engines that will be launched as part of the 3-Series’ forthcoming facelift. Fuel economy and CO2 figures have also been improved, in some cases by enough to drop a company car tax band.

The BMW 330d gets a revised version of BMW’s all-aluminium 2993cc six-cylinder diesel engine, featuring piezo injectors and a variable vane turbocharger. Power goes up to 245bhp, a 14bhp increase on the current car, accompanied by 384lb ft of torque (up from 368lb ft).

Despite the increase in performance, BMW has managed to also improve both the 330d’s fuel economy and CO2 figures, with manual transmission version of the revised car offering a combined 49.6mpg and 152g/km compared to the outgoing model’s 46.3mpg and 160g/km.

The 330d automatic also drops its emissions, from 176g/km to 165g/km – enough to drop it from VED band ‘E’ to band ‘D’ – a £30 saving on road tax from next year.

Confusingly, BMW claims the revised 325d (which uses a downtuned version of the 330d’s 3.0-litre motor) returns identical fuel economy to its more powerful sibling – 49.6mpg for a manual saloon – but it’s CO2 figure of 153g/km is actually 1g/km higher than that of the 330d. Go figure.

The four-cylinder 318d and 320d continue as before, although the 318d will be offered with the option of a six-speed automatic gearbox for the first time.

BMW has also released more details of the revisions made to the cumbersome iDrive controller on range-topping 3-Series models. This will now get a ‘back’ button to make it easier to navigate out of a sub-menu. An optional hard drive navigation system will also allow users to store music tracks in the car, with its 8Gb capacity capable of storing more than 100 albums.

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15 July 2008

I have to say that I am not a massive BMW fan, but the figures quoted here are pretty incredible. Excellent performance, good fuel economy and low emissions just prove what manufacturers can do when they work at it. They seem to be just getting on with building better and better engines having realised what is important to people; unlike Porsche it would seem who just moan and complain about tax and emissions and blame the government (just my observation!).

And now the car has a 'back button', can things get an better? I may even buy one...!

16 July 2008

Have they got the 318d (or even the 320d) below the magic 120g/km CO2 for Congestion Charge avoidance? That's a lot more important to me than a faster 330d.

16 July 2008

Sadly noT - I was looking for the same thing before i order my new company car.

70 page spec with all deatils

16 July 2008

[quote autobilly]Have they got the 318d (or even the 320d) below the magic 120g/km CO2 for Congestion Charge avoidance? [/quote]

Looks like they have got very close, 123g/Km. You would have thought they could have found a way to reduce it by another 4 CO2s wouldn't you?

17 July 2008

BMW are streets ahead of Audi and Mercedes when in comes to CO2 -v- performance -v- economy. I have had 320d SEs for the last 6 years and loved them. A 330d would be great - 49 mpg is an excellent result. But why does BMW bother with the 325d? It's slower and no more economical than the 330d. Why not a 323d using the same engine as in the excellent 123d??

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