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Expected to be the world's fastest production car

More details about 1200bhp Venom GT hyper car have surfaced.

Hennessey Performance Engineering, which is developing the car using a modified Lotus Exige S chassis at its Texas HQ, claims it will be capable of 272mph.

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Computer modelling images have been released showing the aerodynamic performance of the Venom GT, which uses an adjustable rear wing that also acts as an air brake.

Combined with bespoke carbon ceramic brakes, the wing will help stop the car from 200mph in just seven seconds, creating forces of -1.5g in deceleration.

The Venom GT’s power will come from a new V8 engine, developed in-house by HPE, delivered through a six-speed manual gearbox.

At 1088kg, the car is almost 200kg lighter than the SSC Ultimate Aero, which is officially the world’s fastest production car (clocked at 256mph) and is also claimed to be capable of 272mph using 1287bhp.

There have been three confirmed orders for the Venom GT, which are expected to be fulfilled in 2010 following its official launch at next year’s Geneva Motor Show, although pricing has not been made public.

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Samiur Rahman SHAH 7 September 2009

Re: More details: 1200bhp Venom GT

I don't think it'll be an enjoyable car to drive. Think about it, the monster lag coupled with RWD and light weight. At least put a supercharger on it.

Straff 7 September 2009

Re: More details: 1200bhp Venom GT

A 272mph Lotus...?

Should that be Lotuf?

Lots of trouble, usually fatal

Sorry Lotus fans - I love them too.

manders1301 7 September 2009

Re: More details: 1200bhp Venom GT

Autocar wrote:
modified Lotus Exige S

Don't get me wrong, that's a great place to start for a platform on a new car, but c'mon guys don't make it look 99% like the old car if you're not crediting it in it's new name.