Insiders confirm the Mini Clubvan will be a production reality by the autumn
24 April 2012

Mini will build a production version of the Clubvan concept it unveiled at the recent Geneva motor show. The official announcement is in June, production following shortly afterwards.

This commercial-use Mini, the first since BMW relaunched the marque in 2001, is essentially a modified Clubman estate complete with split rear doors and the vestigial rear-hinged door on the driver’s side.

The Clubvan features two seats, a bulkhead to separate the load area from the passenger compartment and opaque rear side windows. It will also provide a fully lined load area rather than the painted metal load-spaces of most car-derived vans, in a bid to position the Clubvan as a premium commercial vehicle.

BMW is keen that this more utilitarian Mini does not harm the strong residual values of the mainstream range, and will pitch the model accordingly. The Clubvan is aimed at boutique shops and businesses with relatively small, high value items to carry. Whether it will cost less than the £11,820 asked for a basic Mini First remains to be seen, but a price in that area would be considerably less than the £14,430 asked for the cheapest Clubman.

Apart from extending the Mini line-up to seven ranges, the Clubvan has been devised to make better use of the slow-selling Clubman bodystyle, which in Britain accounted for only 3300 of the 50,000 Minis sold last year. Worldwide, Mini sold 25,745 Clubmans among total sales of 285,060.

Richard Bremner

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24 April 2012

I think this is good news! When my business ramps up a gear in the next year, I will be considering buying a bigger & more comfortable car and let the smart be plaything. This would be perfect for me.

24 April 2012

I think the Clubvan looks great, but frankly, I don't know why it took so long! Maybe the Clubman could've been more of a success if it was launched after this.

But anyway, this should attract some attention with Stevie's signwriting on it!

24 April 2012

Trendy sandwich shops, mobile baristas and florists nationwide rejoice.

24 April 2012

As well as a few company car drivers as well, looking for a tax break.

24 April 2012

"Mini Clubvan will be built"

Never saw that one coming!

In other news, it has been revealed that bears deficate in woods..

24 April 2012

I detect sarcasm, somewhere present in this thread.... lol

24 April 2012

[quote superstevie]I detect sarcasm, somewhere present in this [/quote]

really??? :)

BMW wouldn't have shown us a Clubvan if a Clubvan wasn't imminent. BMW love niches, BMW love money and profit..

24 April 2012

[quote PRODIGY]really??? :)[/quote] My sarcdar (instead of gaydar, geddit??) went through the roof! hehe

At least this one has some form of history

24 April 2012

[quote superstevie]My sarcdar (instead of gaydar, geddit??) went through the roof! hehe [/quote]

My bmwareprofiteeringdar also bleeped several times lol.

[quote superstevie]At least this one has some form of history[/quote]

True, always used to see loads of Austin Mini vans and pick ups. Wonder if they'll do a pick up? What would they call it? Clubfoot?

The one Mini, sorry, MINI that I want to see make production is the Rocketman.

24 April 2012

[quote PRODIGY] BMW love niches, BMW love money and profit..


How dare they...anyone would think they were a commercial organisation!


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