MG 6 will be sold from launch in Europe as well as China
25 January 2010

The new MG 6 hatchback will be sold in Europe from the end of this year, according to the chairman of MG's parent company.

China’s largest car maker, SAIC, bought MG Rover’s Longbridge plant in 2007 and it plans to sell the British-built MG 6 in British and European dealerships.

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SAIC chairman Hu Maoyuan told Reuters that production of the MG 6 would begin at Longbridge later this year and European sales would follow immediately after.

“We want to get our UK plant up and running," he said. “MG models will not only be sold in Britain but also in other European countries through its existing dealership networks.”

Final production plans have yet to be revealed, but Maoyuan said one option would be to make knocked-down MG 6 kits in China which would then be assembled at Longbridge.

“The idea is to take advantage of the existing MG sales network in Europe as well as the cost advantage in China,” he said.

Maoyuan said the firm has yet to set any sales targets for the UK but is confident the history of the MG badge will ensure the new company is a success.

“We have no sales target in the UK or other European countries,” said. “MG is pretty well known there, though.”

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25 January 2010

Its a crowded market section they will be bringing it into, and it needs to be priced correctly, but its not bad looking. If the quality is there and it drives alright maybe MG will be back on our streets. As they are going to assemble them here i hope i does well. Anything that adds to the UK car industry cant be bad.


25 January 2010

Sorry to be harsh but this MG looks like a love child from a Nissan Primera and Lexus is200. Or in other words it looks like a Chinese/Japanese shit-box. Why even bother trying to sell it over here now? Its about as British as a set of chop-sticks. MG & Rover are both dead - why can't they rest in peace and leave us with good memories of them.

25 January 2010

[quote Tuc]MG & Rover are both dead - why can't they rest in peace[/quote]

Well said!

[quote Tuc]and leave us with good memories of them.[/quote]

Although that may be optimistic!

These new Chinese cars are effectively from a new company. We don't know how well made they are, or how they'll last in our climate which seems idea for causing cars to rust through. It's an unknow brand and must be priced to suit. That is: priced low..

25 January 2010

A sad day for Morris Garages...

25 January 2010

Id love to be optimistic and heap praise on the new MG- I bought one of the last 2005 Rovers (& it was a letdown compared to the older ones, tbh). But it would take a lot of convincing to make even me buy one of these, unless it was very reasonably priced.

I agree with the comments about it looking japanese, although at least it does look modern & fresh, would you prefer the alternative of it looking "british" like the old Rover 45? No, thought not =D Anyway, yes it is an "MG" but sadly it is a different company and they will have to prove themselves from scratch if they want to win over buyers. People will be worried about how long the company will last, warranties not being honoured etc, & also about very poor residuals.

Its a shame because it actually looks like a decent car.

currently a happy owner of a Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin :)

25 January 2010

This is an MG in title alone.

The MG I knew made sports cars.

This is sad, sad news.

25 January 2010

It looks like the result of a photoshop project to combine the design features of every car on the planet.

25 January 2010

Well, maybe it's time for dyed inthe wool MG lovers to accept the inevitable and move on to a new type of MG for now, who knows if their successful they might produce a "son of" the MG sports car with a 21st century/1960's theme, but without the rusty bits!

Peter Cavellini.

25 January 2010

A cynical use of the MG badge. It's trying to imply some continuity from MG, whereas it is a new(ish) SE Asian saloon. Production looks likely to be bolting it together, with all the build and parts coming from China. It's going to have to be very cheap to sell in the UK, but it will be interesting to see what a Chinese version of a Primera can be sold at in Europe.

25 January 2010

If it creates UK jobs and is profitable then who cares what it is called.

MG as a brand wasn't exactly looked after by its past owners as anyone who remembers Metros and Maestros will know. These cars were dull, pretty c**p and badly made so if a chinese kit car ends up the same, all they would have done is recreate the real MG car company circa 1983


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