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MG has announced prices and standard specification for the MG 3 supermini range

The MG 3 will be priced between £8399 and £9999 when it goes on sale in September. 

The four-strong model range features LED daytime running lights and hill-hold as standard, alongside six airbags, ESP, corner brake control and traction control. All models, bar the entry-level car, feature DAB as standard.

MG is making a range of personalisation options available, which from launch will include 'graphics packs', contrasting door mirrors and interior 'finisher' colour packs, which include colour-coordinated keys.

The entry point to the range is the £8399 3Time. The £9299 3Form adds air-con and Bluetooth, while the £9549 3Form Sport adds a bodykit and 16in alloy wheels. The range-topping 3Style, priced at £9999, also features cruise control, parking sensors and automatic headlights and wipers.

The supermini is offered with a 105bhp petrol engine, mated to a five-speed gearbox. MG says it predicts a 4E insurance rating, which it claims is half that of its rivals.

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georgetait 31 May 2014

New MG 3 models

Day by day we have found different types of new vehicle models invented by different automobile industries. New vehicle models are consisting of several modern features and specifications; I hope people were getting various kinds of benefits from new vehicle models.
Soren Lorenson 8 August 2013

Looks Promising

I know cars like this get a dusting on this site because few enthusiasts are likely to buy one but MG IS NOT TRYING TO SELL THEM TO YOU.

I expect this to be a fair quality, good cheap runaround, that can be jazzed up to appeal to the younger buyer that can't afford the Mini/500 and will also do well with the patriotic older buyer who will still regard it as British.

The pricing seems good value.  Providing there is a decent warranty.

What would you rather say; "I drive a Dacia" or "I drive an MG".

Thought so...

jonboy4969 2 August 2013

I just love to read cr4p on

I just love to read cr4p on these forums from those that know little to nothing about anything.

Can I ask you what your issues are with the car, as you have all obviously driven it, and seen the quality of the interiors, along with the great pricing and specification.

Can it be that your just a bunch of racist bigoots, yes that must be it, but then hey, lets just check how many Chinese made products are alreay in use in your homes, or your favourite TV programmes that are made by companies owned by the Chinese.

Could it be that you just loathe all things British, as only MG, Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover get a bashing in these forums, yes that must be it, cyber terrorism, demolish everything British and the world will fall at your tiny feet.


WELL TOUGH, MG along with Jaguar, LR and RR will carry on and get bigger and prove that all your rants and raves about how cr4p they all are unfounded.


Now, maybe you should go and ask your parents for a £5er and go off to the pictures and watch a nice Disney cartoon, as thats your age range.