AMG's roadster spotted in winter testing in Scandinavia
18 December 2009

Mercedes’ SLS roadster has been spied in winter testing in Scandinavia.

The open-top SLS won’t have the gullwing doors of its coupe brother. It is likely to feature a retractable soft-top roof similar to that seen in the recently unveiled E-class cabriolet.

Mercedes SLS roadster spy pics

The SLS roadster will be powered by the same 563bhp/479lb ft 6.2-litre V8 as the coupe. An electric version is also being developed.

Electric SLS: more details

Expect a 0-62mph time of around four seconds, up from the coupe's 3.8sec because of the roof mechanism and the extra body strengthening.

Prices are expected to be 10 per cent higher than the coupe, starting at around £165,000. The car is tipped to be launched in the middle of 2011.

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18 December 2009

Michael Schumacher's new copmpany car???

18 December 2009

Love it. What I especially love more though is the photographer that just happened to be standing on the corner of the road of some frozen Finnish wasteland forest waiting to take that high-res pic. That's dedication for you. He must have a tent or something close by to keep him warm for the rest of the year. Hope he sold the photo for a lot of money. Or was it the passenger that took the photo - no ... stop being cynical. These double agents... can't be too careful.


18 December 2009

Well, it can't look any worse than the coupe. Can it...?

19 December 2009

I think the coupe looks just I for one disagree with the above comment!

Bet the V8 will make a rather splendid sound cruising the streets of the Big City... Bankers forget your cash bonuses, get paid in performance cars instead! Out manoeuvre Darling with that one eh?

19 December 2009

I agree with Myk. The coupe looks terrible and I'm sure this will look worse.

20 December 2009

I agree with Wanger.

The coupe look great and this one will too. I can't wait for the 'Black' edition.

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