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Mercedes SL will be built using carbonfibre-reinforced plastics from 2012

The Mercedes SL will be built using carbonfibre reinforced plastics from 2012.

Mercedes announced today that it has teamed up with Japanese textile maker Toray Industries to jointly develop carbonfibre car parts. Toray is the world's biggest maker of carbonfibre, and has previously supplied carbon yarn for Ferrari.

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Toray and Daimler will develop reinforced plastic materials by using the carbonfibre produced at Toray's plant in France.

The deal mirrors BMW's partnership with SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers LLC, based in Moses Lake in the US, with which it is building a plant to produce carbonfibre.

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hamers 1 March 2013

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Pepsi Max 28 April 2010

Re: Mercedes SL to use carbonfibre

It should come as no surprise that companies such as BMW and MB are looking at using carbon fibre parts. The weight savings will benefit many areas (performance, handling, emissions etc) and the high cost can be justified on their high end cars. In addition, it will enhance their image as leading edge companies.

The good news is that it will eventually trickle down to ordinary cars in due course when volume production brings down costs.

rosstopher 28 April 2010

Re: Mercedes SL to use carbonfibre

J400uk wrote:
Looking forward to the next SL, current model is good but has been out for a very long time now.

10 years, relatively short for an SL.