BMW 5-series GT and Audi A7 rival on sale in 2012
4 January 2010

Mercedes-Benz is preparing a rival to the BMW 5-series GT and forthcoming Audi A7 with an estate version of the second-generation CLS.

The new four-door, alluded to by the 2008 ConceptFascination, is among a throng of new niche market models under consideration by Mercedes-Benz board members in recent months as the firm looks to improve its margins through the addition of a greater number of models off common platform structures.

Mercedes ConceptFascination pictures

“We’re seeking to improve our returns by better utilisation of existing platforms,” a source revealed to Autocar when questioned about the new car.

Like the new CLS saloon due in the UK later this year, the estate will be based on a lightly modified E-class. The two will share styling up to the trailing edge of the front doors but the estate will have a heavily sloping roofline and angled tailgate similar to the ConceptFascination’s.

Codenamed X218, the CLS estate will be built alongside the CLS saloon at Mercedes’ Sindelfingen plant in Germany from early 2012.

Engines will include a range of new V6 and V8s which will be revealed in June when they are launched in the facelifted CL. Known as 'MoVe Generation' engines, they are said to be good for a 25 per cent reduction in fuel consumption over Mercedes' current V6 and V8 powerplants thanks to turbocharging and direct injection.

Stuttgart insiders have revealed that plans for a CLS estate have existed since the CLS was launched in 2004.

“We built a one-off model that was originally slated to be shown in concept car form at the 2003 Frankfurt motor show,” said Mercedes source, “but it was pulled at the last minute and replaced by a lightly veiled version of the production CLS.”

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4 January 2010

Looks good, nice and slinky. more of a shooting brake look to it. Merc estates are usually pretty ungainly looking things especially round the back window. I wonder , if the original CLS was concocted to blow Jaguar out of the water , are they still targeting Jaguar and the XF estate with this.

One issue I would have, these big rear wheel drive estates really need an AWD option. I wonder if they will offer 4-matic and give people the choice of an awd Mercedes that isn't an American made oversized GL, R class or M class

4 January 2010

An oversized Volvo C30/480, looks fantastic, will they dare to keep it as a 2 door though? Perhaps a couple of suicide doors as per the RX8 would suit the shape well, and its not just another estate car then.

4 January 2010

Its another car that is an abject failure in packaging......For a car thats obviously soooooooooo long, The likely hood is that it has pathetically little space for occupants and luggage whilst the engine bay and bonnet seems to dominate.

A cartoon car that the German designers appear to be so into at the moment! Very good for Operatic effect, but a bit too 1930`s in style....The Mercedes Hindenburg?

However if Mercedes can still sell this type of extravagance in todays market then fair-do`s to them.(They must be able to break even on selling it some how?) As it does have a certain teutonic elegance.

5 January 2010

Looks like a very dynamic hearse.

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