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Upcoming luxury limo promises to exploit the potential of the Maybach name

Mercedes’ is fully committed to expanding its Maybach sub-brand, CEO Ola Kallenius has confirmed, despite the broader pressures of streamlining its wider line-up and ensuring profitability in a difficult marketplace.

Maybach launched its first SUV, the GLS Maybach late last year and already offers a version of the S-Class. The new S-Class, launched today, will also receive a Maybach version in future, which Kallenius described as taking the sub-brand to “the next level”.

When asked if he plans to leverage Maybach as a separate brand, Kallenius commented: “The short answer is yes. Maybach has potential and we’re intending to exploit that potential. It is our sub-brand for sophisticated luxury. Since we’ve reintroduced it, using the AMG playbook, focusing on sophisticated luxury rather than performance, we have had a great deal of success.”

He continued: “We have just launched Maybach GLS and we have had a tremendous customer response - finally an SUV with S-Class captain seats in the back and all those bells and whistles for that sophisticated luxury rather than in-your-face luxury.”

Alongside Maybach versions of its more mainstream models, there’s also the possibility that the sub-brand will consider even lower-volume, higher-margin variants in future.

When asked if axing coupe and cabriolet versions of the S-Class gives an opportunity for more niche models to appear under the Maybach badge, Kallenius commented: “Whatever you do from a business point of view must hit the sweet spot between cutbacks and volume and returns. We are car lovers through and through but also have a very sharp pencil in our back pocket.

"Depending on the architecture, depending on the derivative, or whether it’s a special edition of something, if it makes economical sense, then yes, we would do it.”


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manicm 22 September 2020

From the new S-Class interior

From the new S-Class interior it's clear Merc doesn't know what luxury is. The main instrument cluster should have been integrated into the dashboard, instead it could be from any A-Class. UK only offers the vulgar AMG Line trim as well with a hideous looking steering wheel.

Reasonable 22 September 2020

What happened to Mercedes?

Mercedes used to be the brand of understated class. Everything they make now has tasteless bling, drug-dealer grilles and disco lights on the inside. 

TS7 22 September 2020

Well, that's what appeals... the rich yand tasteless people that buy them. There's no old money being spent on these crass looking behemoths.


Reasonable wrote:

Mercedes used to be the brand of understated class. Everything they make now has tasteless bling, drug-dealer grilles and disco lights on the inside. 

Just Saying 22 September 2020

Nice to see

what the wealthy will be buying. If I had the budget, I'd order one, no question.