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Merc confirms launch date for new SLK roadster and details some of its advanced safety tech

Mercedes has confirmed it will launch its all-new SLK roadster in January 2011 ahead of it reaching UK showrooms in June. The firm's announcement was made alongside details of some of the advanced safety features that would be available as standard.

These include ‘Attention Assist’ - a system that detects driver drowsiness and warns the driver - and ‘Adaptive Brake’, which prevents the car from rolling backwards when stationary and which engages the brake lightly when the driver abruptly steps off the accelerator. As well as this, the latter system also applies a minimal amount of braking in wet conditions to dry the brake discs.

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In the event of pedestrian collision, the SLK’s bonnet raises by 85mm, creating additional space between the bonnet and engine.

Other available safety features include ‘Distronic Plus’ and ‘Pre Safe’ brake, systems that work in conjunction with each other to initiate emergency braking automatically when an accident is detected.

Mercedes also offers a five-function ‘Intelligent Lighting System’, which adapts to differing driving conditions and ‘Speed Limit Assist’, which detects speed limit signs with an inbuilt camera and displays them in the instrument cluster.

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The SLK will initially be available in two versions: SLK250 and SLK350. The 250 uses Merc’s M271 EVO engine, a turbocharged 1.8-litre, four-cylinder petrol with 201bhp.

The SLK350 will get Mercedes’ new 3.5-litre direct-injection V6 petrol motor. The normally aspirated unit produces 301bhp, up from 268bhp, and features stop-start in a bid to improve fuel economy and CO2 emissions.

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Los Angeles 19 November 2010

Re: Merc SLK's new tech uncovered

ischiaragazzo wrote:
Grazie - molto lieto! Domani sara` meglio
Howdoya like dat, Tony? I stumbled into da Mafia thread.

I agree with the sentiments expressed, then again, most aids in cars are aimed at the masses who feel reassured if they need only turn a key and a steering wheel. I'm proud to add that my joy has no driver aids at all, except foot and hand brake. Neither is it burdened with luxuries such as a radio and side windows, weight being a car's main enemy, to paraphrase Bugatti, Sayer, Chapman, Murray, et al, but not those who adore the VW Veyron. However, surely a lot of what's in the new SLK is there by ECU, not by mechanical cogs and wheels?

david RS 19 November 2010

Re: Merc SLK's new tech uncovered

My raccoon can drive this car.

Then a version with a tractor engine and you'll have it.

What customers :-(

coolboy 19 November 2010

Re: Merc SLK's new tech uncovered

you are right disco.stu, the ideous RS6 mentioned above has the brake disc wiping, but many of the car nuts that play around here just notice the DRL...