Nissan lines up diesels and hybrids for next-gen coupe
3 June 2010

Nissan is planning a radical shake-up of its next-generation Z-car that could even include diesel engines and a four-cylinder hybrid powertrain, sourced as part of the brand’s recent tie-up with Daimler.

Renault-Nissan is expected to supply three and four-cylinder petrol engines and electric technology to Daimler as part of the deal. In return, it will get four, six and eight-cylinder powerplants, and CEO Carlos Ghosn is said to be keen to install some of those units in the next Zed to keep the car ahead of tightening emissions regs. Greener variants could also help the car to attract buyers in Japan’s flagging domestic sports car market.

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Nissan is considering three new engines for the Zed. First is a 3.5-litre V6 hybrid set-up used in Mercedes S400; Nissan also has the option of its own, similar-sized motor from the forthcoming Infiniti M hybrid.

Even more tempting are Mercedes’ diesel options: the V6 from the E350 CDI and the four-cylinder petrol hybrid from the forthcoming E300 Bluetec. The E300’s mix of 2.2-litre, four-pot turbodiesel and 15kW electric motor produces a total of 221bhp and more than 420lb ft of torque. In the E-class it returns a claimed 56mpg while emitting just 109g/km of CO2.

Another longer-term option would be Mercedes’ Diesotto engine, which combines diesel and petrol tech and can power cars as large as an S-class from just 1.8 litres.

Nissan’s Japanese rivals, Toyota and Honda, have struggled to maintain sales of sports cars in recent years. But while Toyota’s FT-86 small petrol coupé has now been pushed back until 2012 at the earliest, Honda is now enjoying strong sales with its CR-Z hybrid.

Peter Lyon

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3 June 2010

I predicted the new Z would have turbo petrol engines or hybrid units. but not to have effing diesels!

oh no!

Nissan/renault must have done this for only the diesel tech, as they can source their own petrol/hybrid/electric drivetrains.

i hope they fail.

Now i'm hoping they can save the day with some kind of 200sx replacement, which wont be diesel.

3 June 2010

Well (the artist currenly known as) Prince will like the colour.

3 June 2010

Renault/Nissan build some off the best diesel engines around and have lots off experience in doing so so there is nothins GM can give them in that that they do not have like GM are not exactly renowened for great diesels now are they so there most be another reason for the deal maybe it is for the big petrol GM engines they are doing it for .

3 June 2010

Where does it mention GM?

3 June 2010

Nissan had to license Toyota tech to bring a hybrid to market - it let them enter the market place quickly, but it's not normally a sustainable business model for a company the size of Renault/Nissan to use a main competitor's technology, at a cost. So I have no doubt this is to allow Renault/Nissan to concentrate on small engines which Merc can use (especially in A-class and b-class, which cost them a fortune to design engines for) and then Merc can supply larger engines that they're traditionally better at. All sounds like a good deal to me - it works the same with diesels as well. Next A-class with a 1.5DCi and about 106bhp anyone? Better than the current A-class diesel crap.

3 June 2010

Sorry ur right it don,t lol its Daimler and its electric tech that Renault /Nissan want they do good diesels do Daimler do don,t they .

3 June 2010

Nissan have the Leaf for electric battery and motor tech.

but the most powerful diesel nissan/renault have is only 230ish bhp. a Z coupe needs 300bhp. mercedes can give them that.

3 June 2010

Nissan will never put a diesel engine in the Z

It's a car aimed purely at the American market and they don't like diesels, so if Nissan are going to put any other powertrain in the next Z it'll be their own (not the Toyota system they used in the US only Altima) hybrid system recently announced for the Infiniti M.

Nissan seem to be pinning all their 'green' hopes on the pig ugly Leaf electric car. that leaves them free to keep putting ever bigger inefficient engines in the Z and the Infinitis, just how the Americans like them - 'there ain't no substitue for cubes'

3 June 2010

The Renault/Nissan/Infiniti Alliance currently produce competitive figures for a single-turbo 3.0 V6 diesel. I reckon they could add a 2nd turbo to the existing unit should they wish to slot it into a Z.


3 June 2010

I know about le mans wins, RS8 prototypes but I just don't see diesel being the best option. Diesels don't have the rev ranges and the torque reaction when you apply power mid bend are no good for a true sports car. Remind me again what Merc get from this deal?


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