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Drop-top E-class testing ahead of launch early next year

Mercedes has been final testing its new E-class cabriolet ahead of the launch early next year - and this new grainy shot shows that it has been undergoing development in the UK.

The car replaces the CLK convertible and will have a traditional canvas roof in favour of a folding metal lid, benefiting space for passengers and luggage.

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Visually the car will be very similar to the coupe version, although the rear wings and bootlid will be unique to the drop-top.

One trick Mercedes hopes will create a new benchmark in drop-top refinement is a retractable wind deflector atop the E-class’s windscreen.

The small spoiler on the top of the windscreen is designed to direct wind over the top of the passenger compartment, eliminating buffeting and reducing noise with the roof down.

Another application could be to improve aerodynamics by keeping the air flowing over the car. Convertibles are often less aerodynamic than their hard-top cousins and Mercedes’ new innovation may help.

The coupe version of the new E-class is the world’s most aerodynamic production car with a Cd of 0.24, and Mercedes is keen to use slippery shapes to improve efficiency.

It is likely the deflector can be raised or lowered to give a more traditional wind-in-the-hair experience.

Mercedes is also rumoured to be working on a warm air 'scarf' system for both the front and rear passengers.

The car has already been testing at the Nurburgring and it would appear that the Stuttgart firm is viewing the new Lexus convertible and BMW’s 3-series as the car’s competitors. Engineers have been comparing the three models for refinement and performance.

When the E-class cabrio arrives next year it will have the same range of four, six and eight-cylinder engines as the latest E-class saloon and coupe, including the twin-turbo four-cylinder E250 CDI. Most models are expected to get the seven-speed automatic transmission.

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theproff 14 October 2009

Re: Mercedes E-class cabrio spied

Yep American owned company, but what you probably didn't realise is that the Delphi piezo injectors are designed and developed in the UK!!!

Although they are manufactured in France!

Strider 2 14 October 2009

Re: Mercedes E-class cabrio spied

rogerthecabinboy wrote:

The injectors on this new diesel engine family, made by Delphi(not the usual, better Bosch ones), have been packing up - an electrical fault apparently, blamed on the supplier's production process. Merc are recalling and fitting new ones. Production of all cars fitted with the new diesel has been throttled back to allow supplies of the non-faulty injectors to go to remedying cars in the field first.

What do you expect from Delphi(ex-GM, back with GM?), American tat. Stick with Bosch, Benz, even if they cost a few more pennies

I can only assume that this badly informed person works for Bosch. The Delphi direct acting piezo injectors are part of the reason for the E250 and C250 having one of the best diesel engines ever. It's new technology, outrageously advanced, and all the road tests are full of praise for the results. We should congratulate Daimler for being the early adopter.

jackjflash 8 October 2009

Re: Mercedes E-class cabrio spied

rogerthecabinboy wrote:
What do you expect from Delphi(ex-GM, back with GM?), American tat. Stick with Bosch, Benz, even if they cost a few more pennies.

Acura, Ferrari and Holden all use Delphi MagneRide suspension; is that "American tat"? I guess Bosch hasn't figured out how to make a car handle yet as Audi and BMW use Delphi MagneRide suspension as well. Good old American know how underpin the R8, TT, M5, M6 and other premium models.