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McLaren steps up testing of its new supercar; performance figures to be revealed next month

The head of the McLaren MP4-12C's development team has described the firm’s upcoming supercar as the most “stable high-speed car” he has ever driven.

A team of around 25 engineers and technicians, led by Mark Vinnels, are currently testing several Experimental Prototype (XP) MP4s around the world as development enters its final stages.

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Vinnels said the MP4 was meeting all the objective and subjective targets the team had set the car and was performing well next to its rivals.

“These XP Beta cars are already achieving outstanding results in many of the subjective areas, which includes ride quality, handling and many other aspects of dynamic performance,” he said.

“The benchmark competitor vehicles we have tested become nervous and twitchy at higher speed, but the 12C feels more stable than anything I have driven. Because the bump rejection is so good, the ride is smooth and the steering is solid.”

The most recent additions to the latest MP4 prototypes include a revised iteration of the M838T twin-turbo engine, transmission featuring new gear ratios, a more efficient cooling package, new suspension geometry and upgraded electrical architecture.

McLaren hopes to announce early indicative performance figures for the MP4 next month.

“Between now and production the vehicles and the team are working flat out,” said Vinnels. “All this is geared towards not just achieving our unprecedented levels of performance but also guaranteeing the levels of quality, reliability and durability with which we expect to delight future McLaren customers.”

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Richard H 24 February 2010

Re: McLaren MP4-12C 'outperforms rivals'

Ferrari haven't made a beautiful looking car this century....

It'll be an interesting tussle

TStag 24 February 2010

Re: McLaren MP4-12C 'outperforms rivals'

This guy knows nothing about the history of Ferrari and the vision of Enzo, a guy who Tstag clearly has never heard of. If this thing is better than the 458 i will eat my ass.

SennadiditFirst is still struggling to come to terms with the above link. Yep as I pointed out and proved Ferrari is a car maker first and a F1 team second (see link above). They haven't always been able to make their own f1 cars.

Next time you personalise your attacks make sure you have the ammunition to load your gun with. Mclaren is more of a f1 team first and a car maker second. Ferrari is more of a car maker first and F1 car maker second. Anyone NOW care to dispute this?

I'm not arguing one way is better than the other, all I was trying to do is illustrate their likely different approach to car making.

Phil McCavitie 24 February 2010

Re: McLaren MP4-12C 'outperforms rivals'

VirginPower wrote:

Evo_ermine wrote:
Why is it biased advertising spin?

Well, it's subtle bias, borne, I suspect, of a mild over-excitement and favouring of the brand. It's not a big deal, except that the title is another example of Autocar's tendency to create tabloid headlines to either entice simple-minded readers, or dispense a bit of benign propaganda.

If you don't appreciate that, then either you are blind to the hyperbole that's sometimes contained within this website, or I'm imagining it.

Ideally a journalist purges his articles and their headlines of anything that exaggerates or hints at some substance contained within that turns out not to exist. There was a bit of substance in this, but, you see, poopie-plops, the 'outperforms' bit was the advertising bit, as it gave the impression to the simple-minded reader that on key figures such as acceleration, et cetera (all terribly important, I'm sure you'll agree), the McLaren Silly-Name was displaying a clear performance advantage over its competitors. It probably will do so, but you'll have to wait and see.

High-speed stability is not a 0-62 time, and as all we pals herein know, the latter is a very, very important parameter. Perhaps the most important ever in my whole life.

Call me an egotist and a patronising ***-face if you want, but one of us is right, and, in my humble opinion, it's always me. Having established that as immutable fact, I can now move on to your second pained petition.

It comes as scant surprise to one, considering the ministry I've had to provide regarding the principles of proper journalism, that you misquote my previous guidance as to the latest thinking on standing-start acceleration times.

I previously used the word 'hypercar' where you have naughtily, and deliberately (you buggering-smooshy-bum) replaced it with the word 'supercar'. Now, the more refined minds, using this website to either read or actually write what I write, will have accepted this as more of a bouncing-off point, one might coin: A bouncing-off point. We were - and I feel aggrieved to be forced to impart this so flagrantly - to take from this a new definition of a subset of variety - the hypercar - and then run with it while bouncing it.

This pointless argument, as you so sweetly call it at the end of your five-thousand-word paragraph regarding itself (that positively brimmed with delightfully forthright jellybeans) should not continue a moment more. Not a moment more! There are too many cars out there upon whom I must convey the exegesis of my fulgent scrutiny. Too many!

Indeed, this is one of the reasons why it is so vital that a car submitted before me for mine eye to rest upon its countenance should fulfil my briefs stoutly and do 0-62 very, very quickly. I have to get around at great speeds otherwise I could miss something, leaving gaps in the flow of information and analysis coming out of me and into you.

I'm afraid I will not be able to list for you the hugely increasing number of cars that achieve 0-62 in under 3 seconds until the 'wees' of whom you speak, who await my list, number, in total, not including women, at least ten wees. If you can prove to me that there are ten wees waiting, the list will follow almost immediately.

Don't in any way interpret this as an indication that the Koenigsegg E-T, Ultimo GTC 830, Maximillion G-Force, Bugatti Veyron, Capston TT, Dauerger 962 Le Champs, don't exist, as I promise you that I can prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that that they do. You, and ten wees remember, must first make up your mind whether you want me to one day provide that list, or if anyway it doesn't matter so sod it 'cause you don't care all of a sudden again.

Now, you bounce off and have a good think about that, fluffy-wind-tunnels, and don't hesitate to come a-moaning once more if you've still failed to grasp it in, shall we say, a fortnight?

We are very pleased with ourselves while saying nothing and amusing everyone with our frippery gayness.