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Controversial styling company shows off its latest creation
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16 July 2010

Mansory has shown off its restyled and upgraded version of the Rolls-Royce Ghost.

Its version of the Ghost is more restrained than some of its more recent garish creations, which include a blue and yellow Porsche Panamera and a blue and gold Ghost.

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Just three ‘White Ghosts’ will be built, each coming with white paintwork, LED daytime running lights and revised air intakes at the front and on the sides.

New side skirts, a new rear spoiler, a rear diffuser and a dual sports exhaust are all added. Diamond-polished 22-inch alloy wheels also feature.

Inside, the white Ghost gets and new brown and cream leather interior and an Alcantara headlining, as well as a new marble-effect sports steering wheel. LED mood lighting alongside bamboo inserts also feature.

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Mansory has also made some changes under the bonnet to the Ghost’s V12 engine. Power is upped by 67bhp to 630bhp (peak power arrives at 5700rpm), while torque is upped from 575lb ft to 634lb ft. These upgrades allow the Ghost to get from 0-62mph in 4.5sec and reach a top speed of 180mph.

Mansory’s upgrade package costs 119,800 euro (£100,000) on top of the Ghost’s £195,840 list price.

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16 July 2010

*looks around car* mmm, quite nice. *steps inside*, vomits...

16 July 2010

Quite understated for Mansory. On the outside.

Lose the horribly ill-judged duck-tail spoiler and front wheel vent and it's not a bad effort.

However, all that restraint they exercised on the exterior was allowed to flow free on that bogging interior. Good lord....

16 July 2010


Rolls Royce should ban Mansory from touching its cars.

16 July 2010

Does being mega rich turn you blind? That interior is gopping.

16 July 2010

Well, compared to the previous efforts it is not bad. The interior would be a lot better if they had chosen a slightly more appropriate tree to chop up. A darker reddish-brown would have suited much better.

Mind you, it's still a lot of money for something that is a lot worse than the original...

16 July 2010

that interior colour reminds me of something unpleasant..........

16 July 2010

i could live with the seats but not that dash. ouch. looks rather restrained by Mansory standard on the outside.

16 July 2010

They could do with employing an English speaker for their website text if this is anything to go by too:

CONQUISTADOR, the new project of MANSORY based on a Rolls Royce Phantom, which is completing the MANSORY individual customization focus on to British noble high class automobile brands.  

Innately the Rolls Royce Phantom is a representing beauty of elegance and doubtlessly the top of automobile modernity and in detail MANSORY made some more exclusively accents.  

Quintessentially classiness and understatement arrange the absolutely new super soft lacquer made by Glasurit which makes the automobile with its deepest shadow black more than magic. Also the complete chrome exterior trims are coming in soften silver....

16 July 2010

The wood used on the dashdoard, steering wheel and door inserts looks like a cheap pale laminate flooring that has random brown doggy paw prints all over it - hmmm I wonder what Bonzo was treading in beforehand to create that effect ..... :o)

16 July 2010

Why would anyone with half a brain cell, pay an extra £100k, and then throw out the original hand crafted highest quality wood and leather interior, produced by some of the most skilled craftsmen in the automotive industry and replace it with something out of a horror movie, they really should be banned from working on vehicles such as Rolls Royce.


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