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One-off Veyron by Mansory features extensive use of gold and carbonfibre

The latest garish creation from Swiss tuning firm Mansory is this one-off Bugatti Veyron, complete with carbonfibre and copper bodywork and a gold interior.

The Mansory Buggati Veyron LINEA Vincerò d'Oro gets a shortened bonnet and new bumper at the front, as well as V-shaped LED headlights.

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Mansory has also added an aerodynamic kit including larger rear air outlets and a new carbonfibre diffuser.

The exterior and interior styling changes are the most striking, however. The polished carbonfibre bodywork has copper thread weaved in, while gold has been used on the wheels, door handles, front grille, front headlight surrounds, roof trim and fuel cap.

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Inside, it gets LED gold mood lighting to give the interior a “golden glow”. The gold theme continues, featuring on the seats, door trims and steering wheel. Carbofibre has been extensively used inside, too.

Mansory has put no price on this one-off Veyron.

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thebaldgit 9 August 2010

Re: Mansory's Bugatti Veyron launched

Mansory has put no price on this car, the world's most expensive and gilded turd. Obviously Mansory can now be translated as meaning the definition of tastelessness. As i type this i can see your click link which has the unfortunate misspelling Buggati, awfully close to what they actually do to the design of all the cars that they ' tastefully' alter.

jskater 8 August 2010

Re: Mansory's Bugatti Veyron launched

Forgive me for mixing metaphors, but could this be described as "gilding a turd"?

VirginPower 8 August 2010

Re: Mansory's Bugatti Veyron launched

This makes a rather ugly car rather attractive and interesting.

I know you goody-goody Guardian readers feel obliged to say that it's got gold wheels and that's made it a bit too expensive and vulgar and it's not Gordon Brown's fault and all that, but if we set aside you, we automatically peer through the pink veil of conformity, and the car what we see before us - with the veil of conformity pulled to one side, you know - is an improvement.

Do you know what it reminds me of, do you?

The Apollo 11 Lunar Module Command Pot (LM-CSM), or whatever it's called, of the moon landing - including landing gear! You can't say fairer than that.