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The pictures show the new Elan, Elise, Esprit and Elite in picturesque Hollywood locations

Sports car manufacturer Lotus has released new images of its core-model line-up, all of which will be introduced to the market by 2016.

The pictures, revealed by the company on its Facebook page, show the new Elan, Elise, Esprit and Elite in a number of picturesque Hollywood locations. The company shot these at the same time as the LA motor show.

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In October, the company announced its ambitious six-model expansion plans at the Paris motor show, all of which established a new design for the firm.

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The models will move the company’s image and prices into Aston Martin, Ferrari and Porsche territory.

According to CEO Dany Bahar: “Our plan is to change Lotus from its present position as a niche sports car company to a builder of a range of premium sports cars.”

Pictures of the new Eterne super-saloon and a new luxury city car are expected on its Facebook site soon.

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Adeewuff 23 December 2010

Re: Lotus reveals new concept pics

This whole plan from Lotus is utter b*ll*cks!! Releasing a concept 6 YEARS before being built?!! It will be half a decade out of date prior to reaching the assembly line!! I'm not sure who they are trying to convince... why not concentrate on building a real stonker of a car instead of some ridiculous form of marketing exercise? McLaren have done a bloody good job considering they didn't bring a concept of the MC4-12C out in 2004!!

Dave Ryan 23 December 2010

Re: Lotus reveals new concept pics

I still remain highly sceptical as to how Lotus intends to underpin the development of 5 new models, creating an IndyCar chassis aero kit, funding teams in GP2 and GP3, building the T125 trackday car and now sponsoring Renault until 2017 - to say nothing of its sportscar racing aspirations as well. The whole situation smacks of a company massively overstretching its resources, and I would be wary of investing in the company were I in such a position to do so. Obviously with Lotus 100% owned by Proton that is not a position anyone will be in, but the whole business plan appears to be reliant upon there being sufficient funds to tide everything over until production of the new cars begins. That's a big ask even for a company such as Proton with its government backing, and I have my concerns.

kdwilcox 23 December 2010

Re: Lotus reveals new concept pics

Los Angeles;

I would hope their attitude to Lotus if they did ask for

backing would be, no thank you,bye!.