With a limited run of 1955 cars, the Première Edition will feature 'exclusive appointments'; full tech specs to be revealed in early 2017
Matt Burt
9 December 2016

A limited edition of the new Alpine mid-engined sports car has been revealed. The Alpine Première Edition is available for reservation now on a smartphone app that can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website, alpinecars.com.

The Première Edition is limited to 1955 cars, a reference to the year when Alpine founder Jean Rédélé originally established the company, which has been reborn by Renault after an absence of more than two decades.

Alpine hasn’t revealed many details of the Alpine Première Edition, beyond saying it will feature “exclusive appointments”, suggesting a higher specification than the standard versions that will follow.

The UK price and technical specification will be revealed in early 2017. Autocar understands the engine will be a 1.8-litre unit derived from the turbocharged 1.6-litre used in the Renault Clio RS and will possess about 250bhp.

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Customers paying a €2000 (£1700) deposit using the app will be able to select their preferred number – from 1 to 1955, which will then be etched onto a plate in the cabin.

Alpine stated that the car – which is expected to take the A120 model name – will cost between €55,000 and €60,000 in France. At today’s exchange rate that is between £46,750 and £51,000, although rarely does a new car’s price translate exactly from euros to sterling. 

The Alpine Première Edition’s 0-to-62mph time will be 4.5 seconds and delivery to customers in right-hand markets is scheduled to start in 2018.

“Alpines made such a mark because of the elegance of their designs, their nimble handling and their memorable successes in world class motor racing and rallying,” said Alpine’s managing director Michael van der Sande.

“The interest that the announcement of Alpine’s return has generated across the globe inspired us to give sports car enthusiasts and Alpine fans early opportunity to reserve the new car.

“The Première Edition versions of the new model will be the first to come off the line and we wanted to allow Alpine fans to choose the number of their car.”

Customers will also be able to specify the colour of their car from a choice of blue, black or white finishes. The Alpine Première Edition is available in 14 countries, with the United Kingdom among them.

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9 December 2016
I think Renault are going to have a hard time selling this one.

Who's going to fork out that sort of money for a car derived from renault parts and wearing a badge that, whilst being respected in some obscure quarters, never really carried all that much kudos or prestige on the high street?

I mean, wouldn't £60K make it more expensive than a Cayman?

The thing needs to be closer to WRX money, if it is to have any hope...

9 December 2016
I agree completely, for similar money you could get a slightly used F Type R or a brand new M3. If I had the money I know exactly what I wouldn't spend it on...

The only people I can see buying it is anyone with a link to the 'alpine' brand, or people who think something being branded as "limited edition" makes it automatically good.

9 December 2016
Not everyone wants a German car...........in fact some people actively seek a non German car (me included).

So Renault Alpine should be able to shift 1955 of these without too much trouble and the lucky owners can show their individuality.

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