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Studio image of concept car leaks on to US websites

This is the best image yet of the Lexus LF-Ch, a concept car that will be turned into an Audi A3 and BMW 1-series rival.

The image of the LF-Ch - which will make its debut at the Frankfurt motor show next month - has leaked onto American websites ahead of the car's unveiling.

See the Lexus LF-Ch picture and teaser images.

Details on the five-door concept car are scarce, beyond the fact that it is a hybrid that can be driven in an electric-only mode.

A Lexus source told Autocar a production version of the car - with both hybrid and conventional drivetrains - has now been given the green light.

Although Lexus saloons are generally rear-wheel drive, this model is likely to be front-wheel drive, like the Audi.

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Scott B 8 September 2009

Re: Lexus hatch picture leaks out

"Haven't got an original idea in their corporate minds have they?"

Oh I dunno, hybrid is proving to be a popular item with others manufacturers who laughed at it at first.

Andrew Lee 8 September 2009

Re: Lexus hatch picture leaks out

Does Ch stand for chav? (Yes I know the word is so over...) The front is a boy-racer's customised joke, as is that colour. And since it's front wheel drive, presumably it's an Auris underneath. BMW must be ROFL!

TStag 8 September 2009

Re: Lexus hatch picture leaks out

Reminds me of an old Toyota Corola.