Followers of Beatle upset by Citroen DS3 advert
5 March 2010

The advertising campaign for the Citroen DS3 has caused a storm among John Lennon fans.

A television advert for the car features stars including Lennon and Marilyn Monroe talking about nostalgia.

Citroen DS3 road test

During the advert - which was made with the Lennon estate's permission - Lennon says: “Why all this nostalgia? Start something new. Live your life now.”

But fans of the Beatle have reacted angrily, with some saying the advert is cashing in on the dead star's fame and calling for a boycott of Citroen products.

As a result, Lennon's son, Sean has moved to defend the decision by his mother Yoko Ono to let the footage be used. He did concede, however, taht he understood why people were "mad" at the advert.

Sean Ono Lennon said on his Twitter page: "She did not do it for money. Has to do w hoping to keep dad in public consciousness. No new LPs, so TV ad is exposure to young.

He added: "Look, TV ad was not for money. It's just hard to find new ways to keep dad in the new world. Not many things as effective as TV."

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5 March 2010

Much as I dislike Yoko Ono, I have to say that I agree with her view that by letting John's image be used in an advert the family are at least ensuring that his name and imamage are seen by a new younger generation who were probably not even born when he was assasinated. I was a fan of John and his music but have not seen or heard anything about him (apart from Yoko's attempts at justifying her own existance and work by constantly refering to her relationship with the great man; really sad in my opinion) so to see him again here in an advert, when it's used to good effect, can't damage his reputation at all. These so called "fans" want to get a life and just be glad he's being seen again, talking a lot of sense as well.

Enjoying a Fabia VRs - affordable performance

5 March 2010

If that’s got them riled, wait for the follow up ad…

All we are saying is give Citroen DS3s a chance.

You don’t need a weatherman
To know which way the wind blows
—Robert Allen Zimmerman

5 March 2010

Fun fact: Mark David Chapman was a John Lennon fan.

Me, personally, i'm a Picasso fan. Everytime i see one of those Picasso badged Citroens on the street or on a commercial, i really don't care, because i have a life.



5 March 2010

[quote tuga]i really don't care, because i have a life.[/quote]

Really? How exciting! What do you do?

I'm always interested as those of us without a life need something to aim for......

5 March 2010

[quote jackjflash]

If that’s got them riled, wait for the follow up ad…

All we are saying is give Citroen DS3s a chance.



But this Bocott campaign, what a fuss about nothing, I bet the Citroen marketting people are having real chuckle over this, what a bonus, free publicity.

I would expect far more people to now be aware of the car than will be boycotting.

5 March 2010

I agree that this is a fuss over nothing. He's not actually endorsing the Citroen product (it would be difficult since he died so many years before it was produced!). Just an idea.

I don't hate Yoko. In fact, I preferred her contributions to the 'Double Fantasy' album, for example. And her 'Yes, I Am A Witch' album title shows her sense of humour and awareness of the opinions some have of her, unjustifiably in my view.

5 March 2010

All adverts are a total pain in the a-hole.

Lennon fans should not worry, John will be remembered long after the DS3 has faded from everyones memory....and probably its maker too.

5 March 2010

Move on and get a life John Lennon fans. Its just an advert.

5 March 2010

[quote underdog] get a life John Lennon fans[/quote]

You mean you have a life too? How marvellous! All these charismatic people on one site. What are the chances of that?

5 March 2010

i was already boycotting Citroen products because of their largely rubbish quality and even worse resale value, so using John Lennon in their adverts is the least of their problems.


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