Currently reading: Land Rover Discovery facelift spotted
Land Rover is readying a number of updates for its 2014 model year Discovery SUV

Land Rover's facelifted Discovery has been spotted testing in the Alps alongside the current model.

We already know the Land Rover Discovery 4 is in-line for a light nip and tuck for the 2014 model year, with the facelifted model going on sale in September.

Obvious changes on the car include a new front light cluster - possible echoing that of the new Range Rover's LED unit - and a larger, more prominent front grille. New indicator stalks and side mirrors can also be seen. 

Other revisions are expected to be minor, with new alloy wheel designs, trim level revisions, and economy and CO2 tweaks. 

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jonboy4969 28 July 2013

The above comment about

The above comment about Jaguar being a distraction is as pathetic as most of the posts here, Since mid 2008 (FIVE YEARS) we have had brand new XF, brand new XJ, brand new XK, Brand new Sportbreak, brand new F-Type, and a totally new sector model about to be launched at Frankfurt.

SO for a small company the size of this to do what they have done in just FIVE YEARS is amazing, the same can be said for Land Rover, with a brand new Range Rover, brand new Sport, revised Freelander 2, revised LR4, and in development, a Long wheelbase RR, a new Freelander 3, two new Defenders, as well as a yet fully disclosed small new Range Rover/Jag SUV.

So what more can they do, all models have either been replaced or heavily revised, new sector models have been released, ALL the products are selling extremely well, profits are pouring in, more staff are being employed, a brand new engine factory is nearly finished, a production base in India and in China, both producing cars for local sale.

All the cars win awards after awards, best in class, cars of the year, etc etc etc, yet all this seems to not be enough, I would love to see how some on here would do things differently, you complain and whine and behave like stupid children, but you have no clue, none of you would have one iota of a clue what to do if you were put in the position Dr Ralf Speth (JLR CEO).

It only seems to be JLR that gets this treatment, no other brand that has press releases or magazine articles gets a kicking like they do, so whay is that, is just trolling pillocks that want to casue issues, or is it jealousy, that a british based company is doing remarkably well, I have no idea, but it does get boring when all you get is half a dozen pages of responses to a JLR article yet only three or four posts are about the post, the rest of negative trolling knobends. 

peterover 16 July 2013

I am well chuffed that JLR

I am well chuffed that JLR are doing so welll despite the harsh criticisms from the anti anything not German brigade.

JLR market share, and total sales are expanding at a very healthy rate across  the board, fantastic, considering the currently depressed market and this has no signs of abating, only the opposite.

The company is now making a healthy profit and investing billions extra to develop the company.

Each new model is moving the brand on, not incrementally, but in giant leaps, I see no signs of that stopping.  



peterover 16 July 2013

Funny enough my first

Funny enough my first thoughts were that it should be a new car rather than a facelift.

But, its still a good car, still at or near the top of its class in many areas, despite its obesity and its still selling well.

It also seems JLR are moving LR and RR closer to each other, esp in the styling stakes, when they should grow apart, enough to give distinct identites whilst giving clues that the two brands are related.

I think Land Rover should build an image of very tough, unbustable go anywhere vehicles, street tough, tonka toy, it will need to be tough too!

The Discovery already has a slight tonka toy look to its styling, JLR just needs to evolve this,  reduce the weight, improve dynamics all round, 

The new Defender should be designed as a commercial vehicle, and should be the toughest workhorse you can buy, this in itself will appeal to retail customers.

Land Rover also needs a Pick up, its one the biggest markets in some countries,  the Land Rover image is perfect for it And it seems an obvious and profitable market that Land Rover is ignoring.

As for a baby Land Rover, JLR should look at the Skoda Yeti, and seek a suitable partner such as VW to share development with.